Saturday, 18 April 2020

A Welcome BreyerFest Update

Why was I crying last night? This is why. Breyer have announced shipping rates for BF items and they are charging a blanket $25 for international!!!! TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS!

Do you know how much we normally pay for models from Breyer? $70. I was so worried about this. Conscious that I was going to be paying hundreds of dollars for shipping. Upset about everything and about that and about all the things.

And so last night I was crying with relief and joy. This is incredibly generous of Breyer and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm literally so happy right now!

If you haven't read the latest update about tickets you can do so here:

(I'm looking forward to interviewing a horse)

Anyway to celebrate I thought I would do my special run wishlist round up! I have four tickets (obviously Brendon was coming with me to BF so technically two are his, I may be forced to get a cow, at least he won't actually be showing any interest and I won't have to work out how to get twenty million moose into my suitcase after he goes round the Clarion 'shopping')

So here are my BF special run wants, in order:

1. Surprise Model

Surprise! (Not the Surprise Model, though)

2. Brighid & Beltane

3. Lugh

4. Oak

5. Boudicca

6. Hamish

7. Ash

8. Thorn

9. Epona

What I would like is 3x Surprise models and then: Brighid, Lugh, Boudicca, Oak and Hamish. But I'm honestly happy with anything. If I can't get the ones I want I can't get the ones I want. I'm just so happy I'll only be paying $25 shipping.

Also I'm mega excited about the store specials and swag! I WANT ANOTHER PLUSHIE! Also I really really really potato want a Breyer travel mug to take to school. Because the unicorn one just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm the coolest teacher ever and you all know it.