Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Saddleset

First of all my apologies that I haven't written anything in so long! I have been completely useless I know! Hopefully this post will make up for that and I will try and update more regularly in future.

Over the weekend I lost another little piggie Maisie, she was 5 and very pretty. Here she is:

To help keep myself busy I decided to finish off a Rio Rondo Classic Western saddle set that I had started over the Summer. If you have never used these kits then I can highly recommend them they are really great quality and so easy to follow that even if you are useless like me you can still create something that is reasonably good.

I had already cut all the pieces and done the tooling on the set as well as starting off the saddle. The saddle itself is made from tooling leather and sciver and is natural in colour with a black seat. It has a tooled flower pattern which makes it look rather attractive:

You can see the tooled pattern in this picture. I added dotted tooling around the outside to make it look as if the saddle is stitched:

The other side of the saddle has a matching pattern. As you can see there are two cinch girths and a black seat for contrast:

The set also has a matching breastplate with similar floral tooling. The breastplate is also made of natural tooling leather and leather lace. It has a tie down strap that hooks onto the front cinch and buckles onto the saddle through D rings.

The bridle is a very plain natural leather bridle with black reins. The reason the reins are black is because I lost my last piece of natural coloured leather lace (I have now actually found it). But I think they help to add to the contrast:

And here is the set overall being beautiful shown off by CRS Rubber Bungs aka Kate:

I hope you like it! I plan to make a few more soon :D And just to finish off the model is an OF Breyer Classic called 'Kate' that I bought from Countrywide several years ago. She is a Lusitano mare.