Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Having a Go At Making Show Ribbons

So whilst on my tours of the internet I came across this Blog post by Braymere Custom Saddlery: http://braymere.blogspot.com/2012/08/how-to-make-show-ribbons.html

And I though "I could do that"

So of course I decided to attempt it, I mean how hard could it be?

OK so first step...ribbon. I can do that! I chose green, gold and red, mainly because those were the first three colours I took out of the pot!

So for the next step I need to cut a circle out of card, they used a pen top, but I have these handy stencils! I didn't have any white card so yellow it is...

Right time to cut cut cut! The next step was to cut 8 small pieces of ribbon and then three longer bits. So far so good!

Now it was time to stick. Now we have a bit of a problem. When all my stuff was stored over the summer all my glue basically dried up, so it is a complete nightmare to work with! It's all horrible and messy and stringy. I really need to get some more.

But we got there, here are eight stunning glued pieces.

I probably made them a bit too large, so mine won't look as tight and neat. But o well, worse things happen at sea.

Time to stick the first four down, look at my pretty flower thing!

Now for the other four, as you can see I couldn't just be simple and use the same colour so I used gold and red instead. It isn't as circular as it should be. But it doesn't look awful from the front!

Now to stick the three longer pieces on. I put the green in the middle and then the red and gold either side. Look how messy my glue is!

Finally it was onto the centre piece. The Blog post recommended decapitating horse sprinkles, I do not have horse sprinkles. So I raided my stickers draw and found these clear gems that were the perfect size. So I peeled one off and stuck it in the middle!

Finally I added the little paper hook and voila! We have a little rosette. I don't think it looks too awful for a first attempt. Tack making horse seems to like it anyway.

With the flash, urgh look at that glue! OK I'm going to go and order some glue now...

If you had a go at this tutorial let me know and share your attempts! I'm sure they are a lot better than mine! Although I'm already thinking about making thousands to give out as awards at my next live show...someone should probably stop me from doing that...

This blog post was written by Catriona Harris, owner of Chestnut Ridge and model horse fanatic.