Thursday, 20 December 2018

2019 Breyer Range

Greetings all!

I bring you Christmas gifts of the 2019 Breyer range :D

To view the full range including non-regular run items please take a look at:

Catch Me

Dominante XXIX


Justify Resin

Thoroughbred and Hackney Foal Set

Cascade and Caspian


Truly Unsurpassed

Protocol Gift Set



Show Stable Accessories


Bay Roan Australian Stock Horse

Buckskin Hanoverian

Grey Saddlebred

Grulla Paint Horse

Mahogany Bay Thoroughbred

Silver Bay Mustang

Cloud's Legacy



Pony Power

Barrel Racing Set

Running Wild Mare and Foal

Mini Whinnie

Mini Whinnie Surprise Series 3

Craft Sets

Horse Painting Set

Paint and Play Andalusian

Paint and Play Unicorn Arabian

Paint and Play Unicorn Thoroughbred

Paint and Play Unicorn Warmblood

Other Things

Blossom the Ballerina


Riding Camp

Truck and Gooseneck Trailer

Mystery Horse Surprise Series 2

Friendship Foals Pocket Barn

If you would like to pre-order any of these items please email for a full price list.

More 2019 Stablemate Club Annoncements

We've had two new announcements about 2019 Stablemate club models over the last couple of days. If you haven't yet signed up there is still time to do so on the Breyer website here:

First of all we learned that Fiero will be a gambler's choice of matte or glossy. We had only seen the glossy before!

Image may contain: text

Personally I really like the glossy but I'll be happy with both of them, the chestnut looks really nice.

Secondly it was announced that the G3 Highland would be the Gambler's Choice model with four different colourways available:

Image may contain: horse

I think the silver dapple is my favourite (I know not the decorator)! I think the decorate will have to be seen in the flesh for me to make a decision as to whether I like him or not, he's a bit of an unusual colour. But it's nice to see something really different.

The perlino pinto is really unusual as well, as is the grey pinto! It's a pity none are in proper Highland colours (a cream dun would have been lush) but hey I'm not complaining I'll be happy whichever one I get.

O and on that note if you are a 2018 International member and haven't noticed already the final set are available to order. I ordered mine last night, the question is, which Mule will I get? I NEED THAT RAINBOW MULE! Let me know which Mule you get below :D

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Hawthorn is the latest Breyer Collector's Club special run. He is limited to 300 pieces and is available for entries now at

He will be priced at $125 if you are lucky enough to get him

I mean who wouldn't want a woodgrain pig? I definitely want a woodgrain pig!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

How Do I Pick A Model?

With so many beautiful model horses in the world how do you pick your next one? Everyone has their own system when it comes to picking their next model horse, so I thought I would give you the lowdown on how I choose mine.

The "Ooo That's Pretty" Approach

OK so let's be realistic about this. I'm going to talk about lists and savings and grails and all kinds of useful systematic approaches below but 90% of my models were purchased as impulse buys because I liked them.

This is particularly true of things like resins, chinas, RubberNedz and customs. I rarely save up and say "I'm going to get an AA Mule" for example, in fact I've never done that, yet I still seem to have about 10 of them...

This usually happens at live shows as well, I've sold a few things, there's money in my pocket, Donna gets out some pretty horses to get the picture! Deb Brown listings on eBay are also really bad when it comes to this.

Veronica is an example of an impulse purchase. I literally just bought her because she was called Veronica's Vodka!


If it's cheap or reduced I want it. Doesn't matter what it is. The moment TK Maxx gets Breyers in I'm buying them. All of them. I don't care what they are they are cheap and I want them. Retailer running a sale? Having that. Someone selling something off cheap at a live show? I'm having that. Noticed bargain listing on Facebook? I'm having that.

I would say this probably equates to around another 8% of my collection, especially if you include stuff that I've won in competitions, raffles or been given as gifts!

Katya is an example of a bargain purchase. I got her a couple of years ago from TK Maxx when they were selling Breyers.

The Planned Approach

So when I first started collecting model horses I had a notepad in which I planned all my future purchases. I saved up my pocket money each month and when I had enough I sent off an order form and cheque to Julip and got my new pony, accessory or companion back.

Nowadays I still try and stick to this, I still have a savings chart in my journal but as with many things in life my savings often get spent on more important things, like food, or vet bills. At the moment I'm trying to save for Sonorah who I need for my Bobby Jo conga, but that is going to take a very long time!

I do also still have a list of horses I want to buy, although it is generally a bit more general than it used to be. Now it says things like "Bay FCM ISH" or "Custom Salinero" they are more general statements that may eventually be achieved although it is unlikely I ever will (VET BILLS).

So how do you decide which model to buy next? Are you a bit of an impulse buyer like me? Or are you a bargain hunter? Or do you strategically plan and save up your money? I'd love to know! You could even write a guest Blog post on this topic for me and I'll add it to the Blog :D

Minstrel is one of my earliest Julips, I saved up for 16 weeks in order to buy her.

This blog post was written by Catriona Harris, owner of Chestnut Ridge and model horse fanatic.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Having a Go At Making Show Ribbons

So whilst on my tours of the internet I came across this Blog post by Braymere Custom Saddlery:

And I though "I could do that"

So of course I decided to attempt it, I mean how hard could it be?

OK so first step...ribbon. I can do that! I chose green, gold and red, mainly because those were the first three colours I took out of the pot!

So for the next step I need to cut a circle out of card, they used a pen top, but I have these handy stencils! I didn't have any white card so yellow it is...

Right time to cut cut cut! The next step was to cut 8 small pieces of ribbon and then three longer bits. So far so good!

Now it was time to stick. Now we have a bit of a problem. When all my stuff was stored over the summer all my glue basically dried up, so it is a complete nightmare to work with! It's all horrible and messy and stringy. I really need to get some more.

But we got there, here are eight stunning glued pieces.

I probably made them a bit too large, so mine won't look as tight and neat. But o well, worse things happen at sea.

Time to stick the first four down, look at my pretty flower thing!

Now for the other four, as you can see I couldn't just be simple and use the same colour so I used gold and red instead. It isn't as circular as it should be. But it doesn't look awful from the front!

Now to stick the three longer pieces on. I put the green in the middle and then the red and gold either side. Look how messy my glue is!

Finally it was onto the centre piece. The Blog post recommended decapitating horse sprinkles, I do not have horse sprinkles. So I raided my stickers draw and found these clear gems that were the perfect size. So I peeled one off and stuck it in the middle!

Finally I added the little paper hook and voila! We have a little rosette. I don't think it looks too awful for a first attempt. Tack making horse seems to like it anyway.

With the flash, urgh look at that glue! OK I'm going to go and order some glue now...

If you had a go at this tutorial let me know and share your attempts! I'm sure they are a lot better than mine! Although I'm already thinking about making thousands to give out as awards at my next live show...someone should probably stop me from doing that...

This blog post was written by Catriona Harris, owner of Chestnut Ridge and model horse fanatic.