Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Updated Pony Room Pics

Well seeing as I think I now have more here than at mums...we are going for about 60% here I think, I thought I'd share some updated pictures of the pony room!

Pony Room

This is a sorta whole room shot

Behind the door

Some of the Schleichs and Stablemates

Some more Traditionals and Classics

Lots of horses!

For some reason the two big congas are the ones which have been moved over least! I've got about another 15 silvers at home and another 30 G2 appys


The little cabinet

I really need another Weathergirl...this cabinet drives me insane

One of the most valuable cabinets! This has some of my really nice customs in



I've been slowly moving rosettes over as well. I still have quite a lot at mums but I think only about 30%. I like percentages today :p