Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Popular Votes Photoshows IS BACK!

I am not going to start this Blog post with a load of excuses and reasons why I had no time to run the shows at the end of 2019 but instead I am going to focus on the awesome good news which is that it is BACK!

For those who don't know, Popular Votes Photoshows is a model horse photoshow series that is held on Facebook. Instead of me (or someone else) judging the photographs they are judged by the members of the group. Members vote using 'likes' and the horse with the most likes in each class goes into the championship.

The champion is then voted for, the best horse is featured here and also put as our cover photo for the month. And new for this year they will also get a ROSETTE! Yep that's right, I've ordered 12 custom rosettes for you to proudly display if you win :D

If you want to take part then head along to the Facebook group here:

Each show has a different theme, the themes for 2020 are:

January - Artist China
February - North America
March - Schleich
April - Traditional
May - English Performance
June - Light Horses
July - Thoroughbred
August - Dun 
September - Special Runs
October - Plastic CTF
November - CollectA
December - Classic

This month's show is for any artist china model, we have decided to include Horsing Around and Animal Artistry chinas in this as well as custom glazed chinas.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get those entries in!

And finally a massive congratulations to August's champion (and yes it has been that long) owned by CG:

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