Sunday, 31 December 2017

2018 Model Horse Goals

What are your model horse goals for the New Year?

Here are my 10 2018 model horse goals, I would love to hear your goals as well and hopefully you will complete them this year!

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1. Finish my new scene entry

Last year I started a new scene is still pretty much just a box! So my goal for this year is to get this done!

2. Finish cataloguing all my models

I really need to finish this. It is such an important thing to do and would make my life so much easier.

3. Finish my horse breeds spreadsheet

I have this awesome spreadsheet I've been working on that details all horse breeds including information about them, again life would be so much easier if I finished this.

4. Create 10 new performance entries

I haven't done a new performance entry in so long. So the aim for this year is to create loads of new entries.

5. Finish 52 resculpt customs

That's one a week. I still have horses that haven't been finished from last Summer. So this year's challenge isn't just to actually get painting again but to start sculpting properly.

6. Learn how to needlefelt

I so want to be able to do this and this year I'm going to do it! Seriously those kits I've brought are going to come out and I'm going to finish them! On the subject of kits...

7. Finally use those thousands of books/kits I own!

I'm going to get them out and finish some projects and learn some new skills.

8. Create some new photoshow set ups

Soooo bored of my white light tent. Need to get off my backside and make some pretty set ups.

9. Organise and catalogue tack

So much of this is about organising but let's face it that's the most important thing and definitely the thing we put off most...

10. And finally.....get a bigger pony room!

The goal for this year is to move house. And bigger pony room is number 1 on my list of house based priorities!