Monday, 16 November 2015

Forever Saige

Weird name.

Anyway look the final Premier model of this year has been properly announced, with better pictures

Definitely looks a lot better than that JAH mag pic. I'm not 100% in love, but I do love her face, it is adorable. Be interesting to see her in the flesh.

Weekend Tack Making

I've had a tonne of tack orders recently so spent the whole of Sunday doing nothing but tack making.

I quite frankly never want to see another piece of leather or a tassle again in my entire life.

But on the plus side we did create quite a lot!

There is another Arabian halter on top of these, but it was so late I couldn't be bothered to photograph once it was dry and just packed it up, I was tired!

First up pink Arabian halter:

A couple of pairs of boots, first bell boots

Second tendon boots

A pair of reins

A black, in hand bridle. Again a bit too lazy to put it on a horse, so Kate very kindly modelled.

A breastplate

A running martingale

And a slightly different design of breastplate, I call these 'hook breastplates' but simply because they need a different name to just 'english breastplate'

So there we go, all done! Still got a load of other ones to do for contest winners, but we are at least making some progress.