Monday, 12 December 2016

My New Babies

So turns out an Animal Artistry spares night two days before my birthday whilst with my model horse enabler is not necessarily a good thing in terms of "not buying too many new ponies"

I have four beautiful new arrivals to introduce you to.

First of all, my newest clinky. I know I shouldn't have, but Laura said I should and she is really really pretty

Named CRS Y Dymestl or Livinia for short (was going to go with Miranda which would obviously have worked better but it didn't seem to suit her)

Next up is the first of my new RubberNedz

Named CRS Laertes Rex (sticking with the greek kings theme and my Rex suffix)

Now I said I wanted a buckskin and a Working Hunter. So it isn't really surprising that I got this girl :p

As she's my first Working Hunter I have no name theme for her. So I went with CRS Murano Summerso (Murano), the name theme for the working hunters will be 'glasswear'

And finally, my birthday present from Brendon. I deliberately asked her not to trim his mane. She does normally do much neater looking horses :p

This is CRS Peregrine Byrant (sticking with the Peregrine prefix) or 'Bacon' for short :p

So there we go! Sooo many ponies :p I may also have one on order that is my Christmas present from Brendon :D