Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Schleich News is Here!

Remember I said to keep an eye out on the Schleich page for news? Well I forgot as well...anyway I just checked and SQUEEE!!!

Just look at the rearing one! It's SOOOOOO CUTE!

As for the face on that foal, nawwww

Anyway they are going to do sneak peaks every Thursday so make sure you check back on their Facebook page:

I will of course try and update you as long as I remember!

New Custom Foal For Sale

Beautiful is now up for sale on the website.

She is £12 + postage.

Custom Breyer G2 Scratching Foal to Cremello


New Tutorial? - VOTE NOW!

I can't believe I haven't done once since my pink unicorn one!

So I think it is time I did a new one!

The question is what do people want?

Here are the options, comment below to let me know what you'd like (or with other suggestions if you have them)!

  1. Creating a Halloween custom
  2. General customizing (I'll chose a random colour)
  3. Some sort of tack making
  4. Making a halloween prop
  5. Basic prepping
  6. Halloween themed photoshow set up
  7. Model horse record keeping
  8. Creating a pedigree chart
  9. Attending a live show (basic run through with pictures of my day at Halloweenies and my preparation before hand)
So get voting! Vote ends when I feel like actually doing the tutorial (lets say by tomorrow evening?)