Thursday, 26 March 2020

Three New Ponies

This feels so weird writing about now, it seems like another world!

Less than two weeks ago I was at South Downs Shenanigans Live. Although I was good and didn't purchase anything (good me) I did come home with three new ponies courtesy of the raffle!

So first up is the rather inevitably named: CRS Covid-19 or 'Cov' to his friends:

Image may contain: outdoor

A beautiful custom Breyer G2 Warmblood that has been painted to a black blanket appaloosa by Liz Hibberd.

Next up we have two horses from the Deluxe Horse Collection a Breyer 2020 release. First is the G5 Mirado in bay:

Image may contain: horse

He has been named CRS Gamalama (Gama)

And secondly is the G4 Paradressage in grey:

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She has been named CRS Karangetang (Karan), I really like this mould but I think this horse looks really sad :(

Hope you enjoy! Probably the last for a while :( Although Starlight is on her way from the USA!