Sunday, 21 October 2018


Emerson is the third release in the Breyer Premier Collection for 2018.

He was sculpted as a portrait of American Pharoah and is being released in this lovely chestnut sabino colour.

Why is it the year I choose not to join the club two out of the three models are just stunning and now I need to find them for sale on the second hand market!

Breyer 2018 Retired List

Breyer have published their 2018 retired list. So here we go!


9201 - Chica Linda
9202 - Boomerang
1357 - Big Chex to Cash
1742 - Picasso
1752 - Rhapsody in Black
1753 - Banks Vanilla
1757 - American Pharoah
1760 - Babyflo
1784 - Cobra
1785 - Slick by Design
1786 - PVF Peace of Mind
1787 - Let's Go Riding English
1788 - Let's Go Riding Western
1790 - Zena
9197 - Espresso
546 - Nadia
1383 - English Accessory Set
2064 - Turnout Set
2072 - Barrel Racing Tack Set


688 - 3 Horse Stable
923 - Grey Arabian
925 - Bay Appaloosa Mustang
927 - Dun Quarter Horse
935 - Black Thoroughbred
940 - Buckskin Paint
941 - Grey Selle Francais
61060 - Mobile Vet Clinic
61061 - Sport Horse Family
61089 - Barrel Racing
61091 - Cutting Horse & Calf
62050 - Starry Night
62058 - Mason
1728 - Cloud's Encore Set
9149 - Man O' War


5349 - Truck & Gooseneck Trailer
5359 - CollectiBull Rodeo
5932 - Frolicking Foals Pocket Barn
5970 - CollectiBull 6pc Asst
6039 - Mystery Horse Surprise 24 pc Asst
59202 - Riding Academy

Activity Kits

4089 - Chalkboard Horse
4115 - Customising - Arabians
4145 - My Dream Horse Watercolour Painting
4200 - Horse Crazy Colour & Decorate Treasure Box
4209 - Paint Your Own Farm
100180 - Horse Crazy Real Horse Activity Set

Pocket Box

1583 - Pocket Box Dogs

Pony Gals, Wind Dancers & Toys

7105 - Jasmine Colour Change Surprise
100111 - Kona
100112 - Sirocco
100113 - Brisa
100114 - Sumatra
100117 - Kohilo
100118 - Aura
100141 - Wind Dancers Mini Gift Collection


9180 - American Pharoah Resin


So what predictions do we have? Well firstly there are obviously going to be some new Classic singles to replace those that are retired.
A new set of Mystery Stablemates wouldn't be a surprise, presumably these are going to be similar to the ones currently available in Wall Mart.
Will there be a new set of Pocket Box Dogs? Or will they choose another animal?
Craft Kits are usually replaced by something similar, I wouldn't be surprised to see a new Customizing Kit with a different mould.
Similarly Jasmine Colour Change Surprise will probably be replaced with a new one. Last year Ella was replaced with Luna so another unicorn maybe? Or another pony? Or will it be left seeing as we also had Sprocket this year?
A couple of interesting ones are the two Let's Go Riding sets. New variations of these were released this year and they normally stay the same for years before being changed. It's curious that they've decided to retire them, unless they don't intend to replace them!
Regarding American Pharoah I would not be shocked if we see a Fall release of him on the new Premier Mould that is of course a sculpt of him. I would be surprised to see him in the Jan/Feb releases as the Premier model has only just been released and they usually wait for a good amount of time.
Finally new Wind Dancers are definitely a possibility next year which is always nice :)

Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is a 2019 Collector's Club Special Run.

Am I rejoining the Club next year? OF COURSE I AM!!


I can't wait to see some better pictures :)

Recycled Live III

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday and helped make it such a wonderful day. I really appreciate all the help from judges and those who stayed afterwards to help put away tables. 

The show was for British & Irish breeds of model horse. It re-used certificates and rosettes from old shows which is why there is so much variety! But it is great fun and raised lots of money for a local Oxfordshire environmental charity.

If you are friends with me on Facebook you can see all the pictures here:

But below are my selected highlights from the day :)

A lovely pinto Julip

Part of the raffle table - everyone was so very generous with the donations there were some really lovely prizes and we kept running out of space as people brought more and more stuff!

An in hand entry

A really gorgeous blanket spotted Julip

The Original Finish cob class

My own racing entry

One of the hunting entries

One of the entries for other performance - a four horse driven team

One of the scene entries

An entry for the 'Recycled Horse -Made on the Day' class

Original Finish Riding & Show Pony

The Vintage class (so much variety)

An example of what I have decided to name 'the corner of chaos'

A Pony Club jumping entry (complete with pretty amazing plaits)

Performance Championship

Performance Champion

Performance Reserve Champion

Performance Reserve to Reserve Champion - A Winning Ticket owned by myself

A little horse I painted winning his class

CTF Championship

CTF Champion

CTF Reserve Champion

CTF Reserve to Reserve Champion - CRS Charles Dickens owned by myself

Original Finish Championship

Original Finish Champion

Original Finish Reserve Champion

Original Finish Reserve to Reserve Champion

One of the other animal classes

Just a bit of sheep herding

Other Animal Championship

Other Animal Champion

Other Animal Reserve Champion

Other Animal Reserve to Reserve Champion

Custom Championship

Custom Champion

Custom Reserve Champion

Custom Reserve to Reserve Champion

AR Championship

AR Champion

AR Reserve Champion

AR Reserve to Reserve Champion

Supreme Championship

Supreme Champion

Another shot of the Supreme Champion to show his beautiful rosettes and huge trophy!

Reserve Supreme Champion

Reserve to Reserve Supreme Champion

It's Halloween!

It's Halloween and you know what that means? It means...HALLOWEEN HORSES! THOUSANDS OF HALLOWEEN HORSES!!!

So here are some pics of some of my own Halloween horses. I would love to see some pics of your models too, so definitely share them with me :D

First up is CRS Dark Memory aka Merry Widow

This model is from the mini Halloween horses Stablemate set

Second is CRS Fear Factor aka Twilight Terror

Twilight Terror was the 2007 Halloween Horse

Third is CRS Just a Little Scar aka Crane

Crane was the 2016 Web Special Halloween release.

Fourth is CRS Mercedes aka Merry Widow

Merry Widow was the 2003 Halloween release

Fifth is CRS Phantom Nights aka Phantom

Phantom was also from the Spooky Stablemates set

Sixth is CRS Unruhigen Träumen aka Nightmare

Night Mare was the 2014 Halloween horse.

Seventh is CRS Cinderella aka Poltergeist

Poltergeist was the 2016 Halloween horse.

Eighth is CRS Brown Dwarf Star aka Nosferatu.

Nosferatu was the 2002 Breyer Halloween horse.

A quick break now to look at this really cool picture of Twilight Terror with his lights flashing!

OK back to the list! Ninth up we have CRS Skeletor aka Skullduggery

Skullduggery was the 2001 Breyer Halloween horse.

Tenth we have CRS Mini Skullduggery aka Skullduggery

The final Stablemate model from the Spooky Stablemates set.

Missing is Calavera who is still in his box I'm afraid :( I think I've got all of the others I own!