Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mini Commissions

I can't believe how long these have taken me! I'm awful...awful...awful....awful....

These five horses were commissions for Amy. All are little mini whinnies, she let me choose all the colours, although they did change a bit over time!

First up is the little standing quarter horse. Originally meant to be a chocolate dapple he ended up a sooty palomino!

Next up is the cutting mini. He is 'coloured' or black pinto

And now the gorgeous girl. A dark liver chestnut ASB with girly ribbons added.

This one is a little bit simple. A nice bay (with panagre maybe)

And finally a nice silver bay. I love this little guy, the colour is so rich.

Glitter and Gem

I love Unicorns....but I do not love these unicorns.

They are awful! They are just fugly...the foal is OK but the mare! Urgh!

For those who do want them they are $35: