Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Amazing Amarillo AR & AC Live - Still Spaces Available!

Got anything planned for the 2nd of April?


Then why not come to down to Amazing Amarillo AR & AC Live?

This awesome live show is being held in Lewknor, Oxfordshire.

It is a specialist live show for Artist Resin and China models including Animal Artistry.

There are sections for:

AR Trad & Classic
AR Littlebits & Smaller
Resin AA
China AA
Custom Glazed China
Workmanship (AR models only)

And there are three fun classes at lunch with My Little Pony prizes!!!!

Entry fees are £15 for over 20 models (a whole table just for you)

or just £10 for less than 20 models (you will have to tolerate sharing your table).

Spectators are also welcome, just £2 a ticket :D

As well as some awesome showing we will also have a pony painting table at this show, quizzes, lucky dip and some fun games!

O and to top it off you can do a bit of shopping with a sales table for both Chestnut Ridge and Animal Artistry!

Just email competitions@chestnutridge.co.uk if you would like a schedule, there is nothing quite like a model horse live show for a fun day out :D

We always have awesome prizes on offer...you never know...you could win a painted resin!