Friday, 27 November 2015

Amazing Amarillo AR & AC Live

Entries are now open for our third live show of 2016, the awesome, the amazing, Amazing Amarillo AR & AC Live.

Grab your breakables and grab a space, there is a great selection of sections at this show.

To enter please email:

Show Information

Date: 02/04/2015

Location: Lewknor, Oxfordshire, UK

Sections: Artist Resin (Traditional & Classic), Artist Resin (Littlebit, Stablemate & Micro Mini), AA China, Artist China, Artist Resin & Workmanship

Entry Fees

General: £15.00
Less than 20 Models: £10.00
Spectator: £2.00
Proxy: £5.00

More New CollectA

Brace yourself....the first one is stunning....

This is a Black Forest Stallion, OK so bad breed choice, BUT OMG!

And a Gypsy Foal

The Grevy's Zebra is also lovely

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

More Tack

I'm finally getting there with commissions! Only two customs and a feltie left to do. I can do this, I can get them all done by December. *positive thoughts*

So here is some more tack that I finished off at the weekend.

First up brown tendon boots:

Secondly brown open fronted tendon boots:

Thirdly some brown reins:

And fourth a brown in hand bridle, as you can probably tell I'm out of kangaroo leather lace which meant I had to use this horrible stiff cow stuff. Not nice to work with. An order of leather lace from Australia is definitely being made today!

Saturday, 21 November 2015

More 2016 CollectA

This is the only other horse to be released, the Ardennes Stallion

But I though the Schnauzer was also worth a share because he's cute!

Rhapsody In Black & Sweet Pea

Pictures have emerged on the interwebs from the 2016 Breyer calendar detailing two possible new models for 2016.

Credit goes to original photographer, whoever you were!

The Weathergirl is Rhapsody in Black and the foal Sweet Pea.

Little disappointed in the WG, was hoping for a new colour for the 2016 release, bay would have been nice but still great to have the mould back.

Really hoping the foal is a RR, there are no Traditional foals in the current range! WE NEED FOALS!

Friday, 20 November 2015

2016 Live Show Benefit Model

I think he's rather cute, wish I was a US shower sometimes!

OMG Orange OF Live

Entries are now open for OMG Orange OF Live.

This model horse live show is for Original Finish models only (Breyers, Peter Stones, Copperfoxes and Commercial Resins and Chinas).

Date: 13th March 2016

Location: Lewknor, Oxfordshire


Traditional & Classic Breyer

Littlebit & Stablemate Breyer

Traditional Peter Stone & Copperfox

Pebbles & Chips Peter Stone

Commercial Resin

Commercial China


General: £15.00

Reduced (under 20 models): £10.00

Proxy: £5.00

Spectator: £2.00

If you'd like to get a space please email:

Spaces are limited - payment only confirms a space.

Full schedules available on request.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Deb Brown Parcel

Look what came today :D

I'm so happy with all these gorgeous guys.

First up...

CRS The Sovereignty of Good (Sovereign)

Second is CRS The Three Arrows (Muskateer)

Next is CRS The Servants and the Snow (Severus)

I will need to get him a base and Schleich dressage arena so he can head out in performance next year.

The most expensive of the lot was CRS The Time of the Angels (Gabrielle)

And this is my favourite, CRS The Unicorn (Lion)

He looks gorgeous on this side as well

CRS Three Plays (Pacu)

And finally CRS Under the Net (Ronny)

Was a bit stumped for breed for this guy, could just be a cob. But thinking I'll go with Dole x Shire as a good partbred mix. Could do American Registered Shire (they allow buckskin) but he has no white (not good). But he is beautiful even if he doesn't have a good breed, hope he will do well in workmanship!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Valegro, Emma & Vanilla 'In the Flesh'

Look whose here!

First of all, orders will be dispatched over the next 7 days, so you should have them soon and well in time for Christmas.

If you'd like to pre-order any of these models for 2016 (ALL OF THESE ARE SOLD) then please visit:

First up Valegro:

The near foot attaches to the peg base, he is quite stable once on it

Some size comparisons with a Lady Phase (thank you Estelle for modelling)

And settling into the only space on my shelves in the pony room!

Next up is Carltonlima Emma

Size comparison pictures with a Haflinger (thank you Jack)

Sorta wedged into a spot on top shelf, need to bring a chair in to sort this out!

And an open box picture of Vanilla

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


This year's Christmas web special for Collector's Club members:

Decorator Commission Piece

There are some customers who when they say "just create something" I know that they are really giving me free rein.

Cassie is definitely one of them! And this gorgeous piece, who took forever, but I am absolutely in love with, is definitely a testament to what an artist can do if you just let them create.

Based on a simple rainbow pattern I saw (and showed Cassie for approval), meet a yet unnamed G3 Warmblood in rather stunning colours!

In order to give the right effect maskol was used as a base to create the pattern.

I then airbrushed acrylics on top to give the rainbow pattern. This is very time consuming (mainly because cleaning airbrushes properly takes time and you can't use up excess paint on other models).

Once the airbrushing was complete the maskol was removed and white acrylic was touched up by hand where needed to give the beautiful swirls.

Then she was just sealed and left. I was originally going to add sparkles but I think she is better with less. Less is more...although not sure she is really less!