Saturday, 21 November 2015

Rhapsody In Black & Sweet Pea

Pictures have emerged on the interwebs from the 2016 Breyer calendar detailing two possible new models for 2016.

Credit goes to original photographer, whoever you were!

The Weathergirl is Rhapsody in Black and the foal Sweet Pea.

Little disappointed in the WG, was hoping for a new colour for the 2016 release, bay would have been nice but still great to have the mould back.

Really hoping the foal is a RR, there are no Traditional foals in the current range! WE NEED FOALS!


  1. Its just like a Thunder from Weather girls collection :/ dont like it. But foal its cute!

    1. The markings are different and she appears to be black not black going grey like Thunderstorm. But I agree they are very similar and it would have been nice to see a new colour.