Friday, 19 February 2016

Bicycle Race

I'd like you to meet Bicycle Race, finished off today.

He is a varnish roan pinto (pintaloosa) on the Mini Whinnie Trotting Drafter Mould

He has just a few spots

And pinto markings

He is a raffle prize for OMG Orange OF Live


Introducing Bibbidi-Bobbido-Boo

She is a portrait of a real Gypsy Vanner stallion called Cobalt, described as White Blagdon, he is basically a max white sabino.

She is a teeny tiny night heather resin, can't remember how many of these I've done now! Still got five left to paint, just adore them so much :D

Boo will be donated to the raffle at OMG Orange OF Live.