Tuesday, 23 October 2012


I am sure that most of my regular followers are well aware that Friesians only come in one colour...black...with minimal white (with maybe the exception of a few genetic mutants that occasionally pop up).

However, there are nowadays some Friesian variants (as there are with Arabs) such as Fox Friesians or White Friesians (such as the famous and very gorgeous Nero). But these horses, like pintabians and araloosa's are not technically purebred and are not registerable as Friesians. That said they still have the same minimum white requirement as well (which seems like a bit of a contradiction in Nero's case but we get the point).

Some people seem to think that these are actual Friesian colours...their not....Friesians are still only registerable in white with minimal black....no stud would allow these 'new' colours to stand at stud as they would corrupt the breed lines, however pretty they may look!