Thursday, 26 April 2018

BreyerFest Single Day Stablemate Moulds

Single day tickets are now on sale and Breyer have released the four moulds that will be this year's special runs!

First up we have a G3 Paint Horse


Then a G3 Warmblood


Then a G4 Driving


And finally the G3 Thoroughbred


Some nice choices of moulds, I'm rather partial to the G4 Driving so can't wait to see what colour they choose for her!


Remember Breyer's Who Wore It Best? last year to see who the next Collector's Club Special Run would be?

Well meet Starlet!

This was my first choice so I'm a happy potato :D I'm a less happy potato because I have other ponies to pay off so can't purchase her :( Hopefully she'll hang around until I'm richer! But check out my new found self control not pressing the order button immediately!