Friday, 29 July 2016

Crimson Coral CM Live 2017

Good news! Entries are now open for Crimson Coral CM Live 2017!

This is the first in the 2017 Colours of the Rainbow Lives series, it is for custom finish model horses (as the name suggests).

There are six sections and 150 classes, I've completely redone my class lists for this year so the show is even better! I've also changed the sections around as you'll see below.


Traditional & Classic Custom
Other Scale Custom
Traditional & Classic Workmanship
Other Scale Workmanship
Custom Commercial & CTF
Vintage Custom

I really wanted to add in the vintage custom section and I've thought carefully about what sections were full and what were empty last year. Hopefully the new look will suit everyone and the large workmanship sections will mean people have a chance to get hold of some good BMECS tickets :)

If this sounds like the show for you, you'll probably want some important information. So here it is:

Date: 12/02/2017

Location: Lewknor, Oxfordshire

Email Contact:

Entry Fees

General: £15.00

Less than 20 Models: £10.00

Spectator: £2.00

Proxy: £5.00

Entries can be made privately but if you prefer the ease of using the website (and so you can grab some more loyalty points) please visit: 

REMEMBER - Discount vouchers are not valid for show ticket purchases, if you use a discount voucher you will be billed for the extra amount!

Esteban is already excited....apparently he wants to enter in hand and workmanship!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sooo many prepped ponies...

I wonder what all the prepped ponies are for?

Well nothing much atm if I don't get my act together! Too tired at the moment to do anything...

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow 2016

Hello everyone :) This has been in the works for a while but I can finally announce the Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow 2016!

Grab your horses and get ready for some awesome showing fun :D

Muskateer is already practising his show look (haven't told him he can't enter yet...)

Anyway below is a copy and paste of a word document with full details on how to enter :)

Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow 2016
Hello and welcome to the Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow 2016.
This huge photoshow is open to all makes and models and is open to anyone. There are several different ways to enter, so anyone can have a go.
Make sure you read everything here and if you have any questions please just drop us an email at:

Important Dates

Opening Date: July 27th 2016
Closing Date: September 30th 2016
Entry Cost: Free*
*please note if you are entering via post there will be a fee to have your photographs returned
Maximum Number of Entries: 50
                You can enter a maximum of 50 entries. These can be spread over several classes or can be over just a few, how you use your entries is up to you.

How to Enter

Every entry must have:
                Horses Name : Breed/Performance Discipline : Finish : Gender : Owner’s Name

Via Facebook

Join the Facebook group here:
Upload each photograph into the relevant album for each class.
In the description write the Horses Name, Breed/Performance Discipline, Finish, Gender and Your Name

Via Email

Send your entries to:
Please title your email: Chestnut Ridge Grand Photoshow 2016
Please include in your email the following information for each photograph:
File Name, Horse’s Name, Breed/Performance Discipline, Finish, Gender, Section, Class Name
Please also include your name.

Via Instagram

Upload your photograph with the hashtag #chestnutridgegrandphotoshow2016
In the photograph description please write:
Horse’s Name, Breed/Performance Discipline, Finish, Gender, Your Name, Section, Class Name

Via Post

Please email for the postal address.
Please include on the back of each photograph:
Horse’s Name, Breed/Performance Discipline, Finish, Gender, Your Name, Section, Class Number
Please include your return address.
You will be responsible for return postage, you can either send this over via PayPal, send a cheque or include a stamped, addressed envelope of suitable size (please note Royal Mail size and weight restrictions).
                Just email for quotes on return postage for your pictures. You are also welcome to drop them off and collect them at live shows.

Show Rules

·         Maximum 50 entries per person
·         Entries without the required information will not be accepted
·         You must have taken the photograph yourself
·         You must own the model in the photograph
·         No digital editing of pictures
·         Entries will not be accepted in any way other than those listed above
·         Prizes are non-exchangeable
·         International entrants are responsible for postage to receive prizes
·         No more than one horse in each photograph in breed classes
·         Horses should be shown without tack in breed, headcollars or stallion sets are OK
·         The judge’s decision is final
·         Show is run under UK rules as to where horse’s should be shown, if you aren’t sure where your horse should go please just ask
·         Riders are mandatory in all performance classes with the exception of scene where not appropriate


1st – 6th place in each class will receive printable certificates
Section champions will receive rosettes
Overall Champion – Rosette & Traditional model horse
Overall Reserve Champion – Rosette & Classic model horse
Overall Reserve to Reserve Champion – Rosette & Schleich or CollectA model horse

Class List

Original Finish

1.       Arabian
2.       Thoroughbred
3.       Iberian
4.       Other European Light Horse
5.       American Quarter Horse
6.       Appaloosa
7.       Paint Horse
8.       Gaited
9.       Other American
10.   British Native Pony
11.   Other Purebred Pony
12.   UK Heavy Horse
13.   Other Heavy Horse
14.   Other Purebred Horse
15.   Partbred Pony
16.   Partbred Horse
17.   Fantasy and Decorator
18.   Donkey, Mule, Exotic
19.   Horse Youngstock
20.   Pony Youngstock

Custom Finish

21.   Arabian
22.   Thoroughbred
23.   Iberian
24.   Other European Light Horse
25.   American Quarter Horse
26.   Appaloosa
27.   Paint Horse
28.   Gaited
29.   Other American
30.   British Native Pony
31.   Other Purebred Pony
32.   UK Heavy Horse
33.   Other Heavy Horse
34.   Other Purebred Horse
35.   Partbred Pony
36.   Partbred Horse
37.   Fantasy and Decorator
38.   Donkey, Mule, Exotic
39.   Horse Youngstock
40.   Pony Youngstock

Artist Resin

41.   Arabian
42.   Thoroughbred
43.   Iberian
44.   Other European Light Horse
45.   American Quarter Horse
46.   Appaloosa
47.   Paint Horse
48.   Gaited
49.   Other American
50.   British Native Pony
51.   Other Purebred Pony
52.   UK Heavy Horse
53.   Other Heavy Horse
54.   Other Purebred Horse
55.   Partbred Pony
56.   Partbred Horse
57.   Fantasy and Decorator
58.   Donkey, Mule, Exotic
59.   Horse Youngstock
60.   Pony Youngstock


61.   Arabian
62.   Thoroughbred
63.   Iberian
64.   Other European Light Horse
65.   American Quarter Horse
66.   Appaloosa
67.   Paint Horse
68.   Gaited
69.   Other American
70.   British Native Pony
71.   Other Purebred Pony
72.   UK Heavy Horse
73.   Other Heavy Horse
74.   Other Purebred Horse
75.   Partbred Pony
76.   Partbred Horse
77.   Fantasy and Decorator
78.   Donkey, Mule, Exotic
79.   Horse Youngstock
80.   Pony Youngstock


81.   Jumping
82.   Dressage
83.   English Ridden Horse & Pony
84.   Driven
85.   Other English Performance
86.   Western Pleasure
87.   Western Trail
88.   Other Western Performance
89.   Costume
90.   Other Performance


91.   Mare and Foal
92.   Best Custom by Owner
93.   Other Animal
94.   Scene
95.   Most Unrealistic Photograph
96.   Funniest Photograph
97.   Family Group/Herd
98.   Collectability (please include information about the model)
99.   Cutest Foal
100.                       Photo edited picture

Class Explanations

Original Finish
Any model that is still in original condition and has not been altered.
Includes: Breyer, Peter Stone, Copperfox, Hartland, Commercial Resins, Commercial Chinas etc.
Custom Finish
Any model that has been altered (for example repainted)
Includes customised plastic and commercial resin and china models.
Artist Resin
Artist resins are made in limited numbers and sold blank.
Includes: Artist resin, artist china, Animal Artistry
For original finish craft, toy and foundation models.
Includes: Schleich, Papo, Bullyland, CollectA, Safari, Mini Whinnies, Julip, Equorum, Rydal, RubberNedz, Felties, My Little Ponies etc.
Purebred Arabian horses only
Purebred Thoroughbred horses only
Purebred horses from the Iberian peninsula.
Includes: Andalusian, Lipizzaner and Lusitano
Other European Light Horse
Purebred light horses from Europe
Includes: European Warmbloods, European Sport Horses, Knabstruppers, Friesians etc.
American Quarter Horse
Purebred American Quarter Horses only.
Purebred Appaloosa (breed) horses only.
Purebred Paint (breed) horses only.
Purebred naturally gaited breeds only, no Icelandic.
Includes: American Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino
Other American
Purebred other American horses only (no heavy horses or ponies), includes South American.
Includes: Morgan, Mustang, Spanish Mustang, American Warmbloods &Sport Horses
British Native Pony
Includes the 13 official British Native breeds: Fell, New Forest, Highland, Shetland, Eriskay, Exmoor, Dartmoor, Connemara, Dales, Welsh A, Welsh B, Welsh C & Welsh D
Other Purebred Pony
Includes all other purebred ponies.
Includes: British Native Pony, Miniature Horse, Fjord, Icelandic, Camargue, Rocky Mountain Pony, Lundy Pony, Hackney Pony etc.
UK Heavy Horse
Includes the three UK heavy horses, Clydesdale, Suffolk Punch and Shire
Other Heavy Horse
Includes all other purebred heavy horses.
Includes: North American Spotted Draft, American Cream Draft, Belgium Draught, Percheron, Black Forest Drafter etc.
Other Purebred Horse
Includes any other purebred horse
Includes: Australian Stock Horse, Marwari
Partbred Pony
Any partbred pony under 14.2hh or pony types
Includes: Riding ponies, Polo ponies, pony cobs
Partbred Horse
Any partbred horse over 14.2hh
Includes: Partbred Arabians, Gypsy Vanners, Cobs, Riding horses, Hacks, Hunters
Fantasy and Decorator
Any unrealistic model, including unicorns, Pegasus or just decorator colours.
Donkey, Mule, Exotic
Includes all other equines including donkeys, mules, zebras and mixes.
Horse Youngstock
Includes any youngstock that will reach 14.2hh and above.
Youngstock are 3 years and under.
Pony Youngstock
Includes any youngstock that will reach under 14.2hh
Youngstock are 3 years and under

If you have any questions about where your horse should be shown please just email:

Suspended Animation

Meet the newest member of the Chestnut Ridge herd.

Suspense is a gorgeous Deb Brown custom on the new variation long mane Connemara. I've got a few OF plaited ponies but when I saw this guy he just screamed Connemara to me. It's so nice to see a proper native type long mane (although I love my little plaited hunter ponies).

Photos do not do him justice, I'm still getting used to my new camera!

Looking forward to showing him on Sunday :) He's such a little cutey pie!

Monday, 25 July 2016


Check out the latest release from CF model horses:

She will be a live show donation model, you can find out more here:

Hopefully we can get our paws on one for one of our 2017 live shows :D

New Arrivals

So I got a new camera which means I can share these little cuties with you. These were from my incredibly secret santa for the Summer secret santa on Modelholicsannonymous

First up is CRS Esta Noche (Estaban)

And second is CRS Lolita (Lolita)

Aren't they incredible? Can't wait to take them to their first show on Sunday :D

Sunday, 24 July 2016

This should be an introduction post but...

So I went upstairs to take pictures of my amazing two new ponies that I got as part of the Summer Secret Santa from Modelholicsannonymous.

But I pressed the shutter and *poof* almost exactly 2 years since the last one died this Nikon D60 has a worn out shutter (for the curious it is cheaper to buy a new D60 than replace the shutter).

So I am now on the hunt for a new camera and all I have are bad phone pictures to share with you.

But here they are, I haven't named them yet but they are adorable! My Santa was AWESOME POTATO :D

As you can see I also got some awesome hobby supplies and CHOCOLATE :D

I am so in love with these ponies, I am over the moon.

It's this kind of awesomeness and generosity that makes this hobby so wonderful, there are some truly incredible people in it. And I loves you all :)

(I should add that the stuff I sent to my santa person has also arrived and judging by their post they are also happy :D)

Saturday, 23 July 2016

BF Fun Week - Day 6

BF Fun Week is nearly over *sad potatoes* but don't worry, we've got two more days of awesomeness for you to enjoy :D

Special Offer

Today if you place an order and use the PayPal checkout you will get a free pot of gloss with your order! But hurry, stocks are really limited, the sooner you order the better.

Visit to order

Goody Bag

To win today's goody bag all you need to do is find the mould hidden in this word search and tell us how much the Auction model on that mould sold for.

Visit our Facebook page here to comment your answer on the post:

Treasure Hunt

Today we want to see a picture of your newest model horse.

Either post it on the post on our Facebook page here:

Or on Instagram with #chestnutridgetreasurehunt and 'Saturday' in the description.

Don't forget you can still catch up on the previous days, just check through our Facebook page and Instagram account to see what they were!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Next Collector's Club Special Run

It's all about the BF tent right now!

Check it out! Isn't he pertiful?

Collector Club Member Exclusive Vote! - 4 Gorgeous Models

OMG check these guys out!






Collector's Club Exclusive

One thing I love about BF weekend is all the sneak peaks that start to filter through.

If this is your picture and you want it removed then please just ask - credit to original poster!

Update that you can vote for your colour choice!

BF Surprise Model

I'll do more posts once more variations are up but here we go...

And it is!!! ESPRIT!

I guessed right :p



Also in matte it appears:


Another one!

Number 4:

Credit to original poster

BF Fun Week - Day 5

It's Friday everyone! I hope you are all having a lovely week.

So what have we got in store for you today?

Special Offer

Today we are offering free 2nd class UK shipping on orders over £15.00

This means the threshold has been lowered by a massive £5! Things such as Breyer Classics or custom Schleich are now on free shipping, so definitely take advantage of the offer whilst you can!

Visit: to order

Treasure Hunt

Today we want you to post a picture of a model horse outside.

It could be anywhere doing anything, the only requirement is that it is outdoors! You could go realistic or unrealistic, I don't mind :)

You can post your image under the post on Facebook here:

Or on Instagram with #chestnutridgetreasurehunt and Friday in the description

Goody Bag

To win a goody bag today head on over to our Facebook page here:

And tell us which mould this is and the name of the BF model being produced on that mould this year:

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Another Auction Model

Aww she's missing her foal, but isn't she gorgeous!


BF Week - Day 4

So what have we got going on today?

Special Offer

Today we are offering you a free pair of traditional custom bell boots with every order as long as you checkout using the PayPal checkout.

Visit: to order

Treasure Hunt

Today we want to see a picture of your favourite model horse. Either post it on the thread on our Facebook page here:

Or post on instagram with #chestnutridgetreasurehunt and put 'Thursday' in the description.

Remember you can still catch up with the other days as well!

Goody Bag

To win today's goody bag all you need to do is guess what mould this year's Surprise Model will be on.

Head over to our Facebook page and comment on the thread for your guess to be counted:

And to finish here is a picture of my favourite model horse, Freedom. I had a pretty rough time before I met my now husband, that Christmas he bought me Freedom (and Love the Foxhound). I've treasured them ever since.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Silent Auction Models

I can't believe I never shared these, especially as one is a test run Silver in an awesome costume!

So yep here they are:


I would quite happily bankrupt myself for this model!

Second up is a rather cool rainbow horse:


And finally a trio of bronze, silver and gold Marchadors

three horses

All of the BreyerFest silent auction lots can be found here:

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

BreyerFest Fun Week - Day 2

Sorry this didn't get posted earlier, I've been busy posting parcels and visiting halls (we think we've found one for Cantering Carousel, yay)

Anyway what can you nab today?

Special Offer - Get 25% off the cheapest item in your order with code CARNIVAL29

Treasure Hunt - Post a picture of something horsey you've created

Head on over to our Facebook page here: to post under the thread or use #chestnutridgetreasurehunt on Instagram

Goody Bag - Work out which special run is spelled out using the letters in our cross word below:

Post your answer under the original post on our Facebook page here:

All the clues are also found in the original post!

Good luck everyone and have fun :D

Two More Auction Models

It's nearly BreyerFest! I've got two more auction models for you all to drool over

First up is a really nice Goffert, I just love the colour on him


And secondly is a Carrick with a custom tail it appears


Monday, 18 July 2016

Today's Fun & Games

It is day one of our BreyerFest fun and games week and we have got some awesome chances for you to win some prizes and take part in our treasure hunt.

Special Offer

Today's special offer is: Get 25% off the cheapest product in your order if you are a repeat customer

You must have previously placed an order and created an account to be classed by the system as a repeat customer (must have been placed via our new website).

Treasure Hunt

Head on over to our Facebook page to take part or use the #chestnutridgetreasurehunt

Today we are asking you to post: Your first model horse

Goody Bag

For your chance to win a goody bag head over to our Facebook page.

All you have to do is guess which three BreyerFest special runs I have on pre-order/pick ups from a USA dealer. If you aren't sure what models are available check our Breyer's website here:

O and for good measure here is the first model horse I got when I properly started collecting, Bob the Cob:

More Auction Models

I literally hate my computer right now. It died. Proper died. Hard drive is currently at a recovery place.

And of course could I remember my Google password? No of course not. So that is now changed and I am finally able to share a couple of Auction models with you!

First up a really quite nice Rain:


And a GORGEOUS Bandit! I mean this colour is just stunning:

lot 17

It's getting quite exciting as always! I'll do a few more posts throughout the day about some of the fun and games going on at Chestnut Ridge throughout the week but make sure you check out our Facebook page to keep up to date :)

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Celebrate BreyerFest this Week with Chestnut Ridge

Jealous that you aren't going to BreyerFest, well no worries, you can get into the Carnival spirit and have our own little party with a week full of special offers, competitions and fun and games from Chestnut Ridge.

So what is going on?

Make sure you follow our Facebook page:

Special Offers

Each day we will have a new special offer for you, check your emails for a full list of them or if you aren't a subscriber (or a bit forgetful) check our Facebook page and blog daily.

Offers include money off vouchers, free delivery offers and our very popular 3 for 2 promotion! Each offer will last a day only, some require codes or special triggers, some don't require anything. So keep checking back!

Treasure Hunt

This week on our Facebook page and Instagram we are offering you the chance to win a custom painted Stablemate model horse.

To enter all you have to do is check in every single day to see what the Treasure Hunt item is and post the picture.

Facebook - you will need to post the picture under the original post on the Chestnut Ridge Facebook Page

Instagram - post the image with the hashtag #chestnutridgetreasurehunt and comment the day as the photos description.

To win you must post an image every single day that fits the treasure hunt theme, don't worry, we've chosen things that everyone can get involved with, all you need is a camera!

Full terms and conditions apply - UK postage free - international winners are responsible for postage.

Goody Bags

Crackers has seven awesome goody bags to give away. To be in with a chance of winning one of them you need to check in on our Facebook page daily. Each day we will have a fun competition or game for you to play. Simply have a go for your chance to win.

Full terms and conditions apply - UK postage free - international winners are responsible for postage.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Friday, 15 July 2016

Another Auction Model

One we've technically already seen before. Really not a fan of this one, not my favourite mould and not a fan of the colour tone. But I'm sure someone will love him :)


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Two More Auction Models

I've got two more for you today, I quite like them both actually

First up is a pinto Latigo, this guy is GOR-GEOUS


And another pinto, this time on the Rejoice mould


Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Stallion Photoshow

Grab your stallions this month's show on Popular Votes Photoshows is all about Stallions!

It is rather fitting I think seeing as our Chestnut Ridge photoshow is all about mares and foals.

To enter you can view the group here:

If you are not already a member please check out the rules first, we have quite strict rules regarding 'liking' of pictures so please make sure you read them or you will be removed from the group :)

Enjoy :D

Catching Up on Auction Models

I've missed quite a few so here we go:

I'm going to start with the best one, I need this pony in my life!


A really nice rose grey Andalusian

lot 15

Another really nice colour, I don't have a MFT in my collection yet, think I'm going to have to get one on this mould at some point!


And another of the duplicate ones, this one is the same as the Open Show prize.


Monday, 11 July 2016

Didmarton OF, CM & CTF Live

We had a great day at Didmarton on Saturday. As it isn't too long of a drive there wasn't a very early start, the journey was made more enjoyable by much Pokemon hunting on the way!

After a stop for coffee and a lot of shouting as we attempted to catch Pokemon whilst Brendon drove down the M4 we arrived at Didmarton hall (and were delighted to learn it was a Pokestop).

Arriving early as always we helped set up and let Brandy 'exercise' bit before she settled down under her table. I had a lot of horses to show so was grateful to steal some space off Laura so that I could fit everyone in!

The show was split into several sections starting off with Breyer OF and Peter Stone OF. One thing I love about this show is that the Peter Stone classes are split between OF and FCM which means that my not particularly exciting Stones that are just standard can actually have a chance of winning :) I was very happy with a rather old quarter horse who took a 1st place.

The small CopperFox section was also slotted in. There were a lot of Welsh!

We then moved on to Repaint CM and Other CM, some gorgeous horses on show, the repaint section is always nice and the other CM section had some gorgeous drastic models on show.

The show finished with CTF, split into Bendy, Plastic and Other. The other section had loads of cute cuddly furry things, including an adorable little donkey! It also proved a good excuse for me to get out my My Little Ponies.

But enough talk, pictures! Here is a link to all the images:

And as always here are some selected highlights:

The OF Breyer Appaloosa class was very varied!

I still need to get me one of these, they are so beautiful

The chaos that was my corner!



Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion



Reserve Champion - CRS Black Widow Dawn

Reserve to Reserve Champion



Reserve Champion - CRS Milan

Reserve to Reserve Champion

A rather cool Unicorn!



Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

One of my new CollectAs



Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion



Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion



Reserve Champion

Reserve to Reserve Champion

Setting up for the Supreme



Reserve Champion - CRS Zeus

Reserve to Reserve Champion


Supreme Champion

Reserve Supreme Champion

Reserve to Reserve Supreme Champion