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Did you guess Cigar? If you did then you were right!

The BreyerFest Grand Open Show Prize for 2016

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Didmarton Performance and Workmanship Live

Sorry about the delay in getting this up! Been a stressful few days around here and I don't seem to be able to settle down for a minute to get things done!

Let's hope I make it through this Blog post without getting distracted by something else...

Didmarton shows are split into three shows, the first of which this year was the Performance and Workmanship show.

A massive thank you to Yvette who as always ran a brilliant show, it is greatly appreciated and all your hard work and effort really shows!

This show has two main sections with little sub sections within them.

Performance was split into English, Western and Other and started the day. But before we go anywhere here is a link to all the pictures:

I took rather a lot! And that is probably going to be reflected in this blog post...but I'll try and keep in brief!

So performance started with English, it was nice and relaxed as there is a pretty open schedule that allows everyone plenty of time to set up.

This was a gorgeous custom, but I also loved the little pack of hounds:

The driven class only had three entries but they were all gorgeous. This is such an unusual use of an ISH, so cool to see moulds being used in different ways:

The championship was a tough one, I was roped in to help with the judging and there was some serious decision making.

All the entries had minor faults so we invited competitors back to fiddle and try and sort them.

But even after that it was still incredibly difficult to make the final decision. Ultimately we both agreed on the top 3.


The champion winning entry was a gorgeous English trail entry over a bridge.


This driving entry is one of my favourites. What I really love about it is that it is an original finish Breyer tack set. Just goes to show you don't need expensive fancy tack to do well!


This was a beautiful entry and would have placed higher if not for the base smashing on the way! Such a horrible thing to have happen :( But it was still of an incredibly high standard and I'm sure once repaired will be up there in the winnings again!

Next it was on to Western performance.

At which point the arrival of Donna signaled a bit of a stay in proceedings. I unfortunately made a bit of a grabby hands towards the table. I was already picking up one unicorn and she only had to remove a pink unicorn with a rainbow base from his wrapping and he was also definitely coming home with me!

The rosettes were beautiful. Normally for Didmarton they are green, but this year they were PURPLE!

It was soon time for the championship. And the standard was really high. That said I'm not surprised by the champion choice at all.


I saw this entry last week at Reining Dreams and just fell in love. I adore purple and the colour coordination with the flowers just makes the entry. Absolutely gorgeous (well done Diane)


I also love this entry (let's face it I love everything). Very nice and simple set up and again colour coordinated flowers!


What I love about the way this set up is done is that they've really captured the way the horse and cow are interacting. They really look like they are eyeing each other up!

The other performance sections were already in full swing and I got my highlight of the day. My thrown together at the last minute scene entry got a 2nd place!

Anyway it was then time for the championship. With three beautiful and creative entries to choose from, how were they going to decide?


There are no words! Isn't this just the most awesome thing?


Mary's scene entries never fail to disappoint! And this year's was definitely no exception. Fun, creative and unusual with so much detail. I was seriously impressed.

Next up was the performance supreme. There were six beautiful entries competiting, with three battling it out for Supreme champion.

I never quite know how people manage to make these decisions, even when I'm the one helping make it! One just looks at everything and thinks "wow". Of course once you start looking at details and being as picky as possible, things start to stand out.


Supreme went to the scene champion. Well deserved. Wonderfully put together and very creative.


Purple flowers, purple top and purple rosettes now to match! Reserve Supreme went to the Western champion.


Reserve to Reserve was awarded to the English champion. A lovely simple set up with lots of detail and beautifully put together and made.

It was now time for the workmanship classes. Workmanship consisted of two main sections, repaint and resculpt/altered.

And this is where my photography got really out of hand...

This is Porto, he comes out a lot for a bit of fun. I just think he's cute.

This horse shows that even black paint jobs can look incredible and dramatic! What a stunning piece of work.

Ruby probably doesn't get shown as much as I'd like, but she got a trip out today.

I should probably explain the Union Jack cards. These are added to all UK painted entries. The best UK painted entry in each class gets a certificate and then goes into the UK championship at the end of the day.

The lighting in this hall is never great, but still you can see the detail of the fleabites on this beautiful Weathergirl

Another highlight! One of my repaints BMECS qualifying (is for sale *hints*)

I love this resin and I love this colour!

The first championship was the solid championship. Tough competition at this show.


Nobody could dispute that choice. I adore this horse everytime I see it and that paint job is just superb.


I need this little cutey in my life! I love the colour and that mane with its running plait?!?!? ADORABLE!


Cute, squishy and an adorable paint job. Just look at those dapples!

We were now onto part colours and some seriously intensive discussions about blanket appaloosas. Apparently I need to "get out more" which is probably a fair statement!

Anyway onto this rather gorgeous resin

It's time to award my cutey of the day award. I think you'll all agree with my choice. Just look at that trot!

The leopard appaloosa class had me seeing spots, literally! Sooo many spots....

This guy was clearly upset about something. Not sure what. But I don't want to go anywhere near him!

Did someone say spots?

It was now time for the part colour championship. So. Many. Spots.


Can you see what horse this girl used to be? She's a Croi (Connemara Mare). Isn't she incredible?


I love the markings on this one.


It's so tiny and spotty! And won by its owner the week before, just goes to show, you don't need expensive models!

We were now onto other colour, and many many dilutes!

A lovely buckskin but a pain to photograph

A really beautiful roan resin

And finally it was time for the other colour championship. So many other colours, so hard a choice!


There are no words. This model is just to die for.


I get the impression he wasn't too happy with his placing! Prancing around like a bit of an idiot in the show ring, well there's always one isn't there!


Someone is very very proud of their rosette!

Horses now gathered for the UK artist championship. I am pleased to say a fair few of my own pieces were in there and several of my own horses. Although Deb Brown was definitely over represented (no surprises there)

I love the paint job on this little girl

And finally...the decision was made...and they had fetching red, white and blue rosettes to match


A very gorgeous paint job and beautiful colour combinations in the ribbons.


This championship definitely highlighted the mantra "less is more". This guy was stunning and had beautiful dappling.


CUTENESS ALERT! Gotta love this little one.

And finally....I was all packed up and ready to go and it was time for the Supreme Workmanship championship.


Good choice? Definitely! Gorgeous paint job, gorgeous horse and very well deserved.


Love. Love. Love.


I went for a close up image because I felt you all needed to appreciate how beautiful this horse is!

So that was it, we started to head home ready for all you can eat chinese and birthday celebrations.

It was a brilliant, but exhausting day. You know it has been a good show when your horses don't really do very well but you still come home smiling :)

And finally...I should leave you with my three new arrivals:

CRS City Scape (Montreal) a gift from my incredibly generous husband.

CRS Alkahrif (Celia) this year's Club model.

CRS Cyanide Rainbow (Cyanide), if you've been following me for a while then you probably only need to look at this to think of me as the perfect owner!