Friday, 29 July 2016

Crimson Coral CM Live 2017

Good news! Entries are now open for Crimson Coral CM Live 2017!

This is the first in the 2017 Colours of the Rainbow Lives series, it is for custom finish model horses (as the name suggests).

There are six sections and 150 classes, I've completely redone my class lists for this year so the show is even better! I've also changed the sections around as you'll see below.


Traditional & Classic Custom
Other Scale Custom
Traditional & Classic Workmanship
Other Scale Workmanship
Custom Commercial & CTF
Vintage Custom

I really wanted to add in the vintage custom section and I've thought carefully about what sections were full and what were empty last year. Hopefully the new look will suit everyone and the large workmanship sections will mean people have a chance to get hold of some good BMECS tickets :)

If this sounds like the show for you, you'll probably want some important information. So here it is:

Date: 12/02/2017

Location: Lewknor, Oxfordshire

Email Contact:

Entry Fees

General: £15.00

Less than 20 Models: £10.00

Spectator: £2.00

Proxy: £5.00

Entries can be made privately but if you prefer the ease of using the website (and so you can grab some more loyalty points) please visit: 

REMEMBER - Discount vouchers are not valid for show ticket purchases, if you use a discount voucher you will be billed for the extra amount!

Esteban is already excited....apparently he wants to enter in hand and workmanship!