Monday, 9 March 2015


Check him out!

Latest Collector's Club special, he is just gorgeous!

I don't care if I have to rob a bank I want him! Although I never get picked so I probably shouldn't worry....

I'm still alive honest!

I have completely neglected you guys! I owe you pictures from live shows, painted resins and updates on Breyers and Beswicks!

So update...

A blog post about Autumn Fields Live is incoming I promise!

Breyers - restocking order placed! Hopefully more Best of British coming in early next week along with some more Liams. We still have a variety of other models available. We will also be adding the Stablemate horse and rider sets and a Breyer jump to our range! Hopefully in a few weeks we will have the Classics range as well. Slowly slowly catchy monkey and all that!

Beswicks - paid for! Hopefully will be in this week.

Other stock - I have uploaded all the new paints/brushes/scenery. But there is still quite a lot of new products to add including new customs, a whole box full of model horses and some Rio Rondo things. I'm sorry to our hobby supplies purchasers that Breyers have taken over my life!

New customs etc. I've completed a little resin that I must remember to share with you! And I promise I will.

Website issues - Don't even ask. I will insert a relevant cat meme below:

I think that makes my point!

New models - I got two boxes full of Breyers last week for me! I really should update you guys with pictures of those as well.

I am at Southern Roundup on Sunday! So ask if you want pick ups :D