Tuesday, 3 February 2015

BF Model Guessing Game

This is the first of the images they have put up:


So who do we think it is? Clearly bay (I'm a genius) and with heavy white markings, maybe tobiano? But what mold that be the question? Weirdly kinda looks like a Stone Trotting Drafter but clearly not that :p

If you look at the head it is recognisable....I just can't pin point what it is! I'm sure I have something useful I could be doing....

Bonus Set!

I recently ordered a set of Stablemates off eBay for customizing as they were rather cheap. The set I expected was one I already owned.

The set I got was one I didn't. So instead of some bodies we have four new editions to the herd :D

1. CRS The Black Stallion aka Smoochie

2. CRS The Horse Whisperer (Markus)

3. CRS The Impossible True Story (Sophia)

4. CRS National Velvet (Ava)

You may detect a little bit of a theme in the show names....