Saturday, 6 July 2013

Black Marwari & G2 Clydesdale

This model has been nothing but trouble...kept falling over. Stupid annoying model horse! But thankfully he got finished and ended up looking quite nice

And he has a little friend as well

Some New Tack

A selection of new tack pieces that I have completed. I didn't really have time to put them on horses and I have also lost my sticky wax so just off horse pictures I'm afraid

Pink flash bridle for Traditional scale models

With a diamonte browband

Black diamonte browband with a drop diamonte

Western breastplate with diamonte horse shoe shapes

Black leather Western bridle with zebra print detailing

Purple and gold browband with diamonte stars

Brown western bridle with star detailing, gold concho's and diamontes


When Clare first posted pictures of this boy completed I knew he had to come home with me. So when she put him up for sale I grabbed at the chance to have him come to live with me!

So meet CRS Sebastian aka Seb :)

Denim and Diamonds

This pair arrived today and I am so happy! I still can't quite believe that Breyer gave two instead of one for this vintage collection piece. And they are just beyond adorable. I love the mold, these are my first two on it and also my first two pieces in these colours.

So meet Denim and Diamonds!

Denim - aka CRS Tiffany

And Diamonds aka CRS Bonus Buy

And the pair together:

N'aww the cuteness is just too much to bare!