Saturday, 24 May 2014

Certificate Making Time!

Well I designed these on Monday and after buying some printer ink and paper I decided to get them printed whilst mum wasn't home (I needed her printer, mine is awful).

These certificates were hard to do. How can you make a certificate that both represents a nation but also sums up the complete destruction of an entire country? Not an easy thing to do. Google Syria and all you get are images of war. So I decided that classical ruins from Syria and some Arabic peace sayings would be my best bet.

So I did three designs. The first are for the 1st-6th place certificates.

These show a faded photo of some ruins in Damascus (all very symbolic) as well as a coloured block map of Syria (colour is representative of the placing) and then some text (just the show name and the placing). Plenty of space to write your horses name etc. on.

The championship certificates show the same faded picture. But they have Arabic text on them instead of a picture of the nation.

The normal championship certificates read "Be at peace, not in pieces" in English. I love this phrase (thinking tattoo)? For the colour on these I chose colours of the Syrian flag.

The overall championship ones read "Peace be upon you". For the colour on these I simply chose some cool effects that I found on photoshop!

I've taken three pictures for now but will take more on the day.

These are the overall reserve to reserve certificates, my template does four so I just went with that!

These are the fifth place ones:

And the second place:

There are no diamontes on this years but I hope they will be something a bit different all the same.

Work in Progress

So today I went to Hobbycraft to get a white pom pom for my rabbit decorator resculpt (yes you did hear that right).

But then I found other shiny things that I desperately needed.

These pastel pencils are just gorgeous. They also do a pack of 60, I'm not that rich, but if anyone is feeling generous :p Need to do a custom now that gives me an excuse to try these out properly!

And then I saw these and just thought WINGS!

So I looked in my body box and decided that there was only one horse that would suit them as wings, Totillas. I decided that if that was the case then the mane and tail would also have to be changed. So off those came! Here he is (along with the rabbit custom) with some primer drying so I can see where needs more sanding etc.

He'll need a proper dock built (I'm gonna go all mohair) and then I think I'm going to add some wire in for those wings, although i haven't completely figured how I am going to attach them yet.

Colour wise? Well see those stencils I bought? Those are for the colour. I'm thinking a black lace type pattern. But I want to try spraying black paint through a stencil. This may not work, it may work, we'll see! But hopefully he should look gorgeous.

Check back in about three years and he might be finished :p

Some of my Schleich Knights

I've been doing a bit of "I really should have photographs for my records". So here are some of my Schleich Knights:

Show Name: CRS Powerful Man
Stable Name: Emperor
Knight: van Halsing

Show Name: CRS Virtuous Grace
Stable Name: Patience
Knight: Sir George

Show Name: CRS God's Gift
Stable Name: Blessing
Knight: van der Lube

Show Name: CRS Isildor's Heir
Stable Name: Isildor
Knight: Sir Lancelot

Show Name: CRS Angel's Wings
Stable Name: Angel
Knight: Sir Arthur

And just a bit of fun: