Saturday, 10 November 2012

Work In Progress

This is a little post to show you some of the pieces I am currently working on :)

This is my in progress bench. The prepped horses on the left are all due for painting. The ones in the middle are being worked on, horses on the far right are complete and waiting shipping.

From left to right:
1. Rainbow Unicorn Tutorial Piece
2. Blue Roan Lonesome Glory Commission Me
3. Black Schleich Shire Foal Sale Piece
4. Bay Pinto Stablemate Foal Sale Piece
5. Liver Chestnut Dressage Horse Commission Piece
Various completed customs!
6. Mini Draft Horse to Pegasus

With the flash:

The Rainbow unicorn is awaiting crystals, the lonesome is awaiting conformation before being sealed and glossed and the shire foal is drying but nearly done

Shire foal is nearly complete, pinto foal has had first coat

With flash

Dressage horse awaiting conformation

Little unicorn all complete

Heavy horse pegasus, his wings are currently drying propped up by two stands!

Pink Unicorn

I think I might be going through one of my phases again....I've just finished another unicorn and I've got another pegasus with his wings drying in the studio!

Anyway I did this little cutey today, she has been named Antidote, she is for sale (£13.50 + postage).