Monday, 16 May 2016

Pinto Photoshow

There is still plenty of time left to enter our pinto photoshow!

NB/ If your images are too large to email you are welcome to simply send a hyperlink to them or an album.

If you are sending from a phone and don't know the images file name, then just send each entry separately.

This May it is all about pintos here at Chestnut Ridge and to help celebrate these amazing coloured horses we are running a special pinto only photoshow.

How to Enter

To enter email your entries to:

You can enter up to five photographs.

Please include:

  • Your Name
  • Your Age
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Postal Address
For each photograph please include:
  • File Name (so we know which one is which)
  • Horse's Name
  • Breed
  • Gender
  • Finish (OF, CM, CTF, AR etc)

Please title your email: Pinto Photoshow

Deadline for entries: 31st May 2016

The Prizes

The show will be split into three sections:

  • Under 13
  • 13-18 years
  • 18 years+

The champion, reserve champion and reserve to reserve champion in each section will receive a rosette.
The champion will also receive a Breyer Stablemate model horse.

The winners will also get featured in a special gallery on our website, Facebook page and blog!


For full competition terms and conditions please email

Show rules:

  • Maximum five entries per person
  • Entries without the required information will not be accepted
  • You must have taken the photograph yourself
  • You must own the model in the photograph
  • No digital editing of pictures
  • Entries will not be accepted in any way other than via email as above
  • Prizes are non-exchangable
  • International entrants are responsible for postage to receive prizes
  • No more than one horse in each photograph
  • Horses should be shown without tack (no performance please), headcollars or stallion sets are OK
  • Show is open to pinto coloured horses only
  • The judges decision is final
  • Each picture will be judged on the clarity of the photograph, realism of the photograph and the breed standard/conformation/condition of the model horse.

Work in Progress

The last two weeks haven't been great, I've been having a bad pain time and it is destroying any enthusiasm I have for getting stuff done (don't even mention my University dissertation, that is a disaster waiting to happen).

Today I've been trying to at least get some paint on horses, I hate forcing myself to work, but I know I have to! I need money for new ponies (o and a new guinea pig cage...and council tax...and bills...).

Anyway here are some work in progress pieces:

This Duchess has been half way finished for months now. So she has now had some black added!

These are my other tinys. The hound is complete, just needs sealing. The others are at various stages of completion.

The Stablemate will be a smokey buckskin, the minis are rabicano and tobiano and the foal will be black pinto.

And finally my only current commission piece (well custom one at least). This girl is a blanket appaloosa Stablemate

You never know by tomorrow I may actually have a finished piece to share!