Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Share the Love

In today's Blog post I'm going to do something I very rarely do, I'm going to very shamelessly ask you to share, like and comment on Chestnut Ridge things.

You know the more you do this, the more people see it and the more people who see stuff the happier I am and the happier you are because the more stuff I do :) Honestly, it does work like that! Just like the more stuff people buy, the more products we offer, want to see new horses, buy the current ones and we can order in new ones :D


So today I'm asking all of you to share one thing. It could be a Blog post from this Blog, it could be our website or your favourite page from our website, it could be a Facebook post, or you could like/comment on something we've shared on Instagram (or even give us a shoutout).

And in return you get that awesome warm fuzzy feeling that you've helped out, in your own special way you've helped the amazing community that is Chestnut Ridge grow :)

Here is a completely random irrelevant picture for you to look at :p