Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Christmas Ponies

Well there are a few more to add to this list (May & Novembers Premier Models for next year and a mystery horse)! But here are the three that I actually got to open Christmas day:

First up is the Graceland Stable set (no prizes for guessing why I wanted this one). Santa was very nice and brought it for me :D

This is CRS Land of the Rising Sun (Rising Sun)

And this is CRS We Could be Heroes (Moriah)

Mummy got me the Christmas horse (as always).

So meet CRS Rosey Dreams aka Bayberry and Roses

Having been photographed with all his regalia I set about the task of removing it. Even by Breyer's normal standards this years tack was DEMONIC! Lets put it this way it is NEVER going back on again!

I actually quite like the leg bits


The pile of random stuff that is never going back on the horse....

And finally here he is with my other Esprits

And Rising Sun with some of my other G2 Appys

And Moriah chilazing with some of the other Stablemates

Friday, 26 December 2014

January Sale

The Chestnut Ridge January Sale is ON!
Up to 75% off some customs with some items 95% off!
Grab some real bargains and help us clear space for some exciting new products for 2015.

Friday, 19 December 2014

2015 Christmas Horse

I swear these get earlier and earlier every year. In a few years it will be being announced 2 years in advance!

Anyway meet 'Peppermint Kiss' (that's quite an awesome name)

I really like this girl, I didn't like this years that much but I am a real Gem Twist fan (I just like the mold OK) and the costume kinda works (maybe apart from the weird neck armour...)

Saturday, 13 December 2014

2015 Breyer Stablemates

Pictures taken from facebook, which were taken from instagram, which were taken from Blab...

Can anyone say G5???? YES THAT'S RIGHT! G5!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 11 December 2014

2015 Breyer

Some of the new Breyer releases:



Smokin' Doubledutch
Breyer Traditional 1738 - Smokin Doubledutch

Don't Look Twice
Breyer Traditional 1737 - Don't Look Twice

Polo Pony:
Breyer Traditional 1744 - Santiago - Polo Pony Limited Ed

Breyer Traditional 1746 - Jubilation (Mule Ltd Edition)

Let's Go Riding
Breyer Traditional 1727 - Let's Go Racing

Grullo AQHA
Breyer Traditional 1730 - AQHA 75th Anniversaryy Edition (Grullo)

Breyer Traditional 1738 - Picasso

Chestnut AQHA
Breyer Traditional 1730 - AQHA 75th Anniversaryy Edition (Chestnut)

Breyer Traditional 1730 - AQHA 75th Anniversaryy Edition (Bay)

Palomino AQHA
Breyer Traditional 1730 - AQHA 75th Anniversaryy Edition (Palomino)

Autism Benefit Horse
Breyer Traditional 1736 - Hope (Autism Benefit Horse)

Breyer Traditional 1735 - Glitterati Breyer 65th Anniversary Edition


Quilted blanket and hood:
Breyer Traditional 2060 - Quilted Blanket and Hood Set (without horse)

Polo saddle set:
Breyer Traditional 2495 - Polo Saddle Set Ltd Ed (without horse)

Pack saddle set:
Breyer Traditional 2496 - Pack Saddle with Panniers Ltd Ed (without Mule)

Going to the horse show set:
Breyer Traditional 2061 - Going to the Horse Show Set (without horse)

Nadia schooling rider:
Breyer Traditional 546 - Nadia Schooling Rider

Polo rider:
Breyer Traditional 544 - Nico Polo Player

Metal coral:
Breyer Traditional 2059 - Metal Livestock Corral (without animals / accessories)

Livestock feeder:
Breyer Traditional 205 - Livestock Feeder (without animals)

Breyer Traditional 2057 - Hot Walker (without horses)



Dun quarter horse:
Breyer Classic 927 - Dun Quarter Horse

Liver chestnut mustang:
Breyer Classic 926 - Liver Chestnut Mustang

Chestnut morgan:
Breyer Classic 928 - Chestnut Morgan

Strawberry roan quarter horse - NEW SCULPTURE ALERT :D
Breyer Classic 62115 - Liam Strawberry Roan Quarter Horse

A Champion is Born:
Breyer Classic 61087 - A Chmpion is Born (Arabian Family)

Butterfly kisses:
Breyer Classic 61088 - Butterfly Kisses


Tack and blanket set:
Breyer Classic 61129 - Tack & Blanket Set (wihtout horse)

Barrel racing set:
Breyer Classic 61089 - Barrel Racing Set

Showjumping set:
Breyer Classic 61090 - Show Jumping Set

Random Stuff

Watercolour painting set:
Breyer Activity Set 4159 - Horse Crazy Watercolor Painting

Horse Crazy surprise painting set:
Breyer Activity Set 4199 - Horse Crazy Surprise Painting Kit (1 horse)

3D Painting set - NEW SCULPTURE ALERT :D
Breyer Activity Set 4203 - 3D Paint-by-Number (Dappled Grey Pony)

Cow and calf set:
Breyer Traditional 1732 - Cow and Calf Set

Hereford Bull:
Breyer Traditional 1733 - Hereford Bull

Deer family:
Breyer Traditional 1734 - Deer Familiy