Sunday, 19 April 2015

Quick and Simple Tack Commissions

I need to find less words with the letter 'C' in my key is no longer on my keyboard and it's making typing quite hard!!

Anyway had some quick and easy tack to do today which is nice, three rugs and a choke chain for a dog.

I only photographed the ones where I didn't have pictures of that particular variation on the website but there was also a foal rug (blue) and a light horse rug (orange).

But this is a nice Schleich heavy horse rug in red:

You can order them here:

Looks so much better on the website once you have a picture of the actual option!

And secondly was a traditional scale dog choke chain in 'small' size:

A closer up picture:

You can order these here:

Again doesn't it look better with a good picture!