Friday, 26 October 2018

Christmas Horse Bucket List

Bucket list/shopping list it's all the same thing :p

So what Christmas horses do you want? Here is my Christmas Horse bucket list, the models I just NEED to add to my collection :D

1. Snowball

Released in 1997 Snowball was the first Holiday horse.

2. Snowflake

The 1998 release Snowflake was a Missouri Fox Trotter with a red rug.

3. Jack Forest

The 1999 Jack Frost was the first Breyer model to feature the costumes we know and love (if not a more simplistic version than we see now).

4. Holiday Hunt

I found a stock image for this one! The 2000 release, I really like the costume even if it is a Roemer!

5. Jingles

The 2001 release is a must have one for me. It's a Misty with a harness and cart.

6. Sugarplum & Peppermint

The 2002 releases are a cute little pair of foals with a sleigh.

7. Silent Knight

It's a Khemosabi, who wouldn't want a Khemosabi!

8. Father Christmas and Glittery

The year before I started by Christmas Horse collection in earnest this model is a gold Marabella being ridden by Father Christmas!

9. Mischief the Holiday Donkey

It's a Brighty in a HAT! Why would I not want this?

10. Holiday Play Set

In 2004 Breyer released a Holiday play set featuring Stormy and a Jack Russell...again with hats.

11. Christmas Eve Playset

I really love the Ashley from this set, she is a really lovely colour.

12. Stablemates Holiday Wagon with Music

I've never seen one of these, they were made in 2005. If you've got one I would love to see one at a show!

13. North Pole Play Set

In 2006 Breyer made a really cute play set with an Amber foal and elf.

14. Waiting for Santa Pony Gift Set

I do really love these play sets. This one is a Midnight Tango in grey, but it has a very cute plush pony thing.

15. Waiting for Santa Pony Play Set 2

Image result for breyer 700830

This one features a Stormy instead and a pony shaped chair!!!

16. Sugarloaf

I missed out on getting this silver filigree web special on the Connemara Mare mould.


Why does everything begin with C at the moment. I dunno, my poor little brain can't cope with all these similar names, Celeste, Celestine...

Anyway onto the actual model! Celeste is the latest Breyer Collector's Club release. She is available from the Breyer USA website to Collector's Club members.

She is priced at $65.00 + shipping.

I do like her, but I am poor :( Maybe once I've moved out and back into my own house I can paint enough horses to be able to afford her! Hopefully she'll still be around at the same time as the final Stablemate Club models and they can all come together (as you all know horses get lonely if they travel alone).

She is a silver chestnut on the Hermosa mould:

I love those dapples, I hope I get hold of one with nice subtle dapples :)