Tuesday, 19 April 2016

English Bridle

What is this? It isn't a classic bridle! Nope it is a Traditional scale bridle.

And if you would like to make your own then keep your eyes peeled, it will be published as a tutorial in April's magazine.

The bridle is black leather with light blue felt and silver hardware

I'm rather happy with it, I love the use of felt as padding it creates such an effective finish.

Think it would be cool to do one in the opposite, with white leather and black felt.

Although I will admit those reins are a little long!

Bridle will be for sale - just message me. Tutorial will be published in April's magazine which is due late April/early May.

Black Tower

This little girl was already being fought over before she was even finished!

But you can totally see why, isn't she adorable?

She is a Stablemate G3 Highland and has been painted to a palomino sabino.

She has now found a nice new home and will be off there soon (lucky thing)

Some More Tack

This poor AQH mare is putting up with a lot at the moment!

My Classic bridle making mania has come to an end I'm afraid, I can't find any more classic English bits!!!

So here was the last one (not a particular fan of kimberwicke with flash but was the only bit I could find)

But the new owner can remove the flash

And create something a little less harsh!

And now for something a bit different

This is a Western breasplate, done in maroon and blue leather with blue and red diamontes

And gold hardware

Both pieces of tack are for sale at www.chestnutridge.co.uk


This is the latest Stablemate club release.

Can't wait until the third one is released so I can get my three! The pains of being an international member...

I thought it was a custom the first time I saw him, with those pastelled dapples. It will be interesting to see what he looks like in person.