Friday, 15 April 2016

Estrela de Carnival



The latest BreyerFest special run has been announced. And it is INCREDIBLE.

Estrela 1

estrela 2

Two New Customs

I finished off two customs last night, one from the current batch and another one as a prize for the latest Chestnut Ridge magazine.

First is the very popular 'Black Dog'

He has been painted to chestnut with 'fungal white spots' (although I should add it is just a theory that this is what has caused these marks).

If you like him then I'm afraid you are too late! He was rehomed pretty quickly and will be jetting off to his new home today (I say jetting more like trundling in a Royal Mail lorry)

Now the latest Chestnut Ridge magazine has a colourful theme. So there clearly needed to be a colourful prize!

And what says colourful like a rainbow unicorn with added beard and butterfly?

If you would like to get your paws on him there is still time. The competition closes at the end of April. Just grab your copy of the magazine here:

Isn't she just gorgeous?

Sweet Pea

I have added the first of the new foals to my collection. I will probably add Scooter in a few weeks once I've recovered from the BreyerFest pre-ordering!

Now first up, looking at them in the boxes I was doubtful whether the bracelet would fit an adult.

Well I can confirm it does!

Anyway meet CRS Jessica Wild aka Sweet Pea

Without her rug:

I love her unusual face markings

Chestnut Ridge only has one left in stock but if you do want to add this cutey to your herd she is £24.99 and available here:

Winged Pegasus Silver?!?!?

So following the first clue of the new BF special run everyone was agreed it looked like Silver's mane.

But last nights clue was an odd one:

number 2

I mean what?!??!

Then someone suggested a winged Silver...

Some late night phone photography later and I have to say I agree!

Which of course means that my poor bank balance is about to take a pretty nasty hit. Like a very nasty hit. Like a I HAVE TO HAVE THIS MODEL hit.

Wonder how much I can get for my soul?

Calling Performance Nuts & Tack Makers

Issue #34 of the Chestnut Ridge magazine is all about performance!

So we are looking for articles to submit, maybe you want to write a report about your latest performance show? Or discuss your tack making studio? Or maybe you would like to write a tutorial or how to guide?

What you write is up to you, but it should be loosely (at least) around the theme of performance.

Articles must be submitted by 31/04/2016 (31st of April) in order to be published.

All author's get a free copy of the magazine and up to a half page (A4 size pages) advert.

Please send all submissions to:

Thank you :)