Friday, 27 March 2020

Five Bad Model Horse Habits we all Need to STOP!

We are all bad hobbyists and we know it. Here are five bad model horse habits we know we all do but need to STOP NOW!

1. Un-named

Unnamed is not a name. You cannot call your horse that. Seriously, take them out of those boxes, give them names and love them! You wanted them when you bought them, so appreciate them.

What is this? Just one of the massive piles of unboxed model horses I appear to own. Who is in there? Who knows. I certainly don't.

2. Savings? What are savings?

I'm going to save up and get that model I've always wanted you say in a positive state of mind. Two weeks later you're at a live show and somehow all those savings went on something else. Stop it people. Impulse buying is bad.

Just one of my many impulse buys, I very much had to raid my savings for this guy!

3. UFOs

ONE PROJECT AT A TIME! I know I know, you are working on a thing then you see another thing and another and another and another and then ooo that's a fun looking new skill. And before you know it nothing is finished and everything is started.


Just one of my body shelves. I really need to show some self-control.

4. Dusting? Nope not heard of that one either

I am so so guilty of this one. They never get dusted. Ever. But then I get moaned at by show judges and then I'm like "I KNOW" as I criticise someone for exactly the same thing. At least dust them before shows people.

This isn't as bad as I thought it would be! Do you know how hard it is to stand on a chair and take a photo of a top shelf? It's not easy!

5. I'll definitely organise that

We all have dreams of beautifully organised records, breed cards and props. But the reality? Yea we are tired, we have so much to do, it's so much easier to throw it in a pile.

Sorry for the slightly NSFW photo but this pretty much sums up my approach to tack and props right now. Note the carefully labelled boxes on the left that everything should be stored in.

If you are currently in isolation why not take some time to undo some of those bad habits? Finish those projects, catalogue those models and organise your tack and props! You can do it people!