Sunday, 27 January 2019

Herefordshire Live 2019

WOW! So I was going to write this with the full intention that there would be spaces left but the demand for this show completely swept me away. We sold out within an hour! But do not despair, we do have a waiting list and also the chance to purchase a half space (of which there are still five available), so hopefully you won't feel like you've missed out because I took a couple of days to write this (bad me).

Herefordshire Live is a brand new live show for 2019. It will be held in Edwyn Ralph Village Hall, Herefordshire. I decided to make it a general live show, the only thing missing is an artist resin and china section. This is because I felt it was more appropriate to add an Animal Artistry section instead as the show is being held in Herefordshire (I really wanted to make sure the show had both performance and workmanship as well).

Show Information

Date: 21st July 2019
Location: Edwyn Ralph Village Hall, Edwyn Ralph

Sections: Original Finish (large), Custom Finish (large), CTF (large), Animal Artistry (medium), Performance (small) & Workmanship (small)

If you would like a schedule or to learn more about the show please email

About the Charity

Now it would make sense for me to support a local charity for this show but ever since I learned about DOTS I have completely fallen in love with the work they do and knew I had to support them in some way in 2019.

The charity is Dogs on the Streets (DOTS), this awesome charity not only helps street dogs but also their owners. It makes a real difference in peoples lives and it is just awesome. One of the things they do that is just real awesome is to foster the dogs in emergency situations, meaning that their owners don't lose their beloved pet because of circumstances out of their control.

You can learn more about their work here:

We will be running a raffle at lunchtime, if you would like to donate a raffle prize please just email me.

Schedule Information

There are 130 classes at this show, a little less that I normally have but I wanted to make sure that with both performance and workmanship sections the show wouldn't overrun!

There are three large sections: custom, original finish and CTF

There is a mid-sized Animal Artistry section

And then there is a small (15 classes each) performance and workmanship sections.

You can download a full schedule from our website here:

Want to Enter?

Unfortunately general spaces are sold out for this show.

But we do have 5 half spaces (20 models or under) left if you would like to book one of these.

You can also be added to our waiting list.

If you would like to enter either email me or join the Facebook group here.



We are looking for the following donations for the show:

Raffle Prizes
General Prizes
Food/Cake/Edibles (not that kind of edibles...)

If you would like to donate something please just email me. In return you can have an advert in the show pack (given to each entrant), on the Facebook group and will be listed to our list of sponsors on the website (which stays up for all eternity).

Anything model horsey or non-model horsey is welcome. It doesn't have to be something huge, every donation, however small, makes a huge difference.

We will also be giving out goody bags at this show, we are particularly interested in local businesses who might like to donate 20 small items to go in these along with advertising! That equally applies to model horse businesses/tack makers/hobbyists/anyone really.

For information on where to send your donations to please email me


A preview of what the show hall looks like (Animal Artistry Live 2014)