Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Big Girls Don't Cry

I've been busy this evening! Wanted to get this little cutey finished as well, I started her in October I think? So glad I finally finished!

She is a little Stablemate G2 Scratching foal to a nice leopard spot appaloosa.

I've listed her for sale at £12.50, a good price for such a cute little foaly!!

Big City Life

The donkeycorn or unidonk or whatever she is is finally complete!

The inspiration for the colour was taken from gymnastic costumes. They have such beautiful patterns and so many sparkles! They are just beautiful and perfect inspiration for gorgeous customs.

The horn is one of our own resin horns.

The model is a Schleich donkey foal.

If you really love her then you could have the chance to own her! It is rare to see me offer one of my decorator customs up for general sale, so she really is something special. Here is a link to her eBay auction:

And here she is, the gorgeous Big City Life


Finally a CF that I want to add to my collection! When I first saw this mould in pinto I thought "this looks so much nicer in pinto" so I'm delighted that a pinto one will be available :)

I will definitely be grabbing one of these at the CF tour event.