Friday, 23 June 2017

BreyerFest Live Show Prizes

Check out these glossies that will be available as prizes at this year's BF

First up is a glossy Valegro


He looks amazing in high gloss!

And second up is a glossy banks vanilla


Two More Auction Models

Breyer have announced two more BreyerFest Auction models.

The first is a unique looking brindle on the Warmblood Stallion mould

June 22

Next up is a glossy palomino on the Laredo mould

June 23

Model of the Day - Pidgeotto

Our model of the day today is the very nice CRS Air Slash aka Pidgeotto

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Name: Pidgeotto
Show Name: CRS Air Slash
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Colour: Grey
Gender: Gelding
Scale: Stablemate
Brand: Breyer
Model Number: 5886
Model Name: Mystery Foal Surprise - Family 9
Mould: G4 Reiner
Years Produced: 2015-Present
Face Markings: None
Leg Markings: 2x White Socks
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 561
Best Live Show Placing: None

A Week In the Life of Chestnut Ridge - Day 4

6.00 - Alarm Goes Off

So tired! Not much energy this morning nor any enthusiasm for getting out of bed.

6.15-6.55 - Walking Brandy

Weirdly we got caught in the rain on the way back. It has now stopped raining but it would be nice to have a few days of on off light rain, the ground really needs it!

Look how many steps I did on Wednesday!

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6.55-7.12 - Feeding Pets

Breakfast time for all the little critters.

7.12-7.29 - Packing Parcels

I have a bit of a hectic day on Thursdays and not much time between my physio and work to get parcels out, so I always try and do the ones I can in the morning. I only have one today where the item I need is at the store room, so we have a nice pile of small boxes and will get that horse on the way home from hospital and pack her up.

7.29-8.00 - Emails

I get the book keeping done and go through my emails. I also put next terms matches into my diary so I know when I'm working at that job! Coordinating three jobs does require a lot of calendar organisation sometimes...

8.00-8.16 - Exercises

I get my stretches and strength work done for the morning, even though time is tight it is important not to miss them!

08.16-08.25 - Breakfast

Couple of slices of toast and my second coffee of the day. I also make Brendon a cup of tea, he's awake at least!

08.25-08.30 - Daily Deal

Daily deal goes up a bit early today, mainly because I have to try and cram an entire days worth of work into about 2 hours today.

08.30-08.38 - Forms

I finally remembered to buy some more C5 envelopes yesterday so was able to get a load of health and safety forms sent off for an event.

08.38-08.40 - Blog Post

Breyer have released the latest Vintage club model, Ali, so I have done a quick Blog post about him (holding off ordering him until I get paid and definitely getting some Spirit horses with him :D)


08.40-08.43 - Ordering Boxes

I've only got one large box left! AAAA! I thought I had more but clearly I don't. So more boxes have been ordered and we will make do until they arrive.

08.43-08.50 - Model of the Day

Whilst eating my toast I do the model of the day. I don't like doing social media stuff so early in the morning, it should be spread throughout the day paying attention to when people are around and using their computers. But needs must on busy days.

08.50-08.53 - Photoshow

Quick check over of Popular Votes Photoshows. All is in order and my own entries are all in for the current show. The show closes on Saturday and everything seems to be in order until then :D

08.53-09.09 - Clean Out Guinea Pigs

On days like today where I know I won't have a huge amount of spare time it is important to priorities jobs, cleaning out the pigs is rather important so I'm getting that done before I go to physio!

09.09-09.12 - Cat Litter

Get the cat litter done so that job is also out of the way! Caesar always looks so offended when I do his cat litter.

09.12-09.17 - Painting

I don't normally do custom work on Thursdays but I'm aware that I need to get some customs finished! So I do a couple of layers of thin white paint on two minis that are nearing completion.

09.17-09.23 - Tack Making

Probably better defined as "playing around with some wire to try and make a Schleich size buckle that looks good".

Now time to go to my weekly physio session!

09.23-12.28 - Physio

Not much to say other than this takes up waaay too much of my time!

12.28-12.35 - Packing Parcels

I get the last parcels packed up ready to head out to the post office.

12.35-12.54 - Post Parcels

Parcels are all gone for today :)

12.54-13.28 - Lunch

Whilst eating my lunch I also do some social media posts and take a cute picture of Crackers (very important)

13.28-14.00 - Tack Making

Carefully trying to make nice looking small enough buckles for this bridle!

14.00-17.38 - Work

I found a route home form work that didn't involve a massive traffic jam. So yay go me :D

17.38-21.40 - Dinner, TV & Secret Project

As well as getting some painting done at small times I was rather exhausted so just sat and worked on secret project on my laptop whilst watching TV

21.40-22.00 - Pets & Plants

I now have a hosepipe. On a related note Brendon flooded the kitchen.

But before bed one did have to capture all the gyms in town :D

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