Sunday, 24 July 2016

This should be an introduction post but...

So I went upstairs to take pictures of my amazing two new ponies that I got as part of the Summer Secret Santa from Modelholicsannonymous.

But I pressed the shutter and *poof* almost exactly 2 years since the last one died this Nikon D60 has a worn out shutter (for the curious it is cheaper to buy a new D60 than replace the shutter).

So I am now on the hunt for a new camera and all I have are bad phone pictures to share with you.

But here they are, I haven't named them yet but they are adorable! My Santa was AWESOME POTATO :D

As you can see I also got some awesome hobby supplies and CHOCOLATE :D

I am so in love with these ponies, I am over the moon.

It's this kind of awesomeness and generosity that makes this hobby so wonderful, there are some truly incredible people in it. And I loves you all :)

(I should add that the stuff I sent to my santa person has also arrived and judging by their post they are also happy :D)