Monday, 3 October 2016

October's Photoshow - Other Equine

October's show in Popular Votes Photoshows is now.....OPEN!

This month the theme is 'other equine' there are 25 varied classes including ones for a variety of different other equine breeds. There is even a Coon Jumping class.

You can enter the show here:

A massive well done to September's champion, Dakota's Pride owned by Martin Pateman

Pyjama Party Live

So Saturday morning I was not in the mood for a live show. I was ill, tired and had lost my designated driver. I just really didn't want to go.

But I am soooo glad I did!

Brandy and I headed off bright and early (with myself dressed in a onesie), after a brief stop for coffee we arrived rather early at the hall! Which at least secured me a decent parking space!

Having helped Paige set up a bit it became clear that it was going to be a pretty awesome show. The first element of awesome had to be the raffle, it was INCREDIBLE

Yes those are giant baskets of sweets and cuddly ponies :D

I did spend rather a lot on tickets, so probably not surprising I won something. Although I won an embarassingly large amount of things. Including two massive hampers. I had a very very happy husband when I returned home!

So a massive thank you to Paige for running a great show, and for her helpers including her mum and Anne who really helped things go smoothly. I had a wonderful time (and I think Brandy did too).

So full photos can be found here:

But here are some of my selective highlights from the day :)

Uti looking gorgeous as ever :D

A rather bad shot of spotted workmanship

Performance Champion

Performance Reserve Champion

UK heavy horse, including three Shannodells (two plaited and a loose)

Workmanship Champion

Workmanship Reserve Champion

Big horse, little horse

A bit of a room shot from my table

Spotty pony!

Original Finish Champion

Original Finish Reserve Champion

Twitchy ears!

Lion :D

Custom Champion - CRS The Unicorn

Custom Reserve Champion

I love this little model

CTF Champion - CRS Y Deryn Pur

CTF Reserve Champion

Supreme Champion

Supreme Reserve Champion

Supreme Reserve to Reserve Champion