Thursday, 4 October 2018

Model Horse Reverse Bucket List

I thought this would be a fun thing to do (and I definitely encourage others to do the same).

Basically what you do is, instead of writing down all the things you hope to achieve or want to do with your model horses, you write down all the things you've already done! Maybe it's things you are really proud of? Or maybe it's things that are on other people's bucket lists that you've done! Or maybe it's just things you always wanted to do and have now done.

So here is my model horse reverse bucket list:

1. Attend a Live Show

Picture from AA Live in 2014 of some cute little Cupids!

2. Win a Supreme Champion

Well done Heredites my special boy :)

3. Win a Photo Show Champion

Milly who won in Popular Votes Photoshows a few years ago

4. Win the Top Raffle Prize

It's only happened three times! Here is Honeysuckle :)

5. Own a Rare Model

This is After Party a BreyerFest Volunteer model

6. Have A Horse You Painted win at BMECS

Well done to tiny sea horse who won his second Top 10 last weekend :)

7. Win a Champion at BMECS

My first ever champion, my beloved Smexy

8. Paint a Model Horse

This is a little champagne cob I painted this year

9. Customise a Model Horse

My strange sea horse thing!

10. Make Some Tack

Two Schleich Arabians showing off their new Arabian halters

11. Own a Rydal

My beautiful Caspian whom I just adore

12. Own a RubberNedz

Yea so this escalated quickly :p This one is Agamemnon

13. Create Your Own Mini Stableyard

My stables all set up in my old house

14. Run a Live Show

The prizes for the Supremes at one of my live shows

If you create your own please do share! I want to see everyone else's reverse bucket lists :D