Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Cosette +1

Clearly I couldn't just have one of these! I got two because I heard a lot of them had variation but I will have to sell one of them (hard decision :( )

Anyway first up is the one I'm keeping which is the darker of the two. I called her CRS I Dreamed a Dream....I'm sorry for this, I'm so sorry, I couldn't not!!!

This is the second one, as you can see her markings are completely different and her colour is a lot lighter!

With her 'necklace'

Here are some comparison pictures of the two models to show the difference:

Absolutely gorgeous model! She has such a beautiful face and the colour is to die for.


He has finally arrived along with a hefty customs charge :(

But he is so cute I'll let him off. He is so squishy and fluffy! I'm not a Moody fan but O my he is adorable! And so tiny!

He has been called CRS Blustering Bride (no idea why but he has).

Here are some comparison pictures with the Breyer Haflinger mold, told you he was tiny!

If you are coming to Didmarton on Saturday and would like to see him in the flesh please let me know and I'll pack him. He will be at MHU anyway :)