Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Wyatt In the Flesh

So he is here....

First of all, the base issue. BAD BREYER, seriously BAD. Beyond BAD, awful, disappointing and completely shocking.

I should have photographed this before forcing him on. He was about 2cm too wide for the base. When I read about this online I expected him to be a bit off but seriously? Awful.

I managed to bend the legs to force them in, which also worries me. Those legs were so flexible that I could bend them that far, bit of sun and this guy will warp for sure.

Paintjob = awful. I hate it.

The sculpture itself, is beautiful, she's done an amazing job. Pity Breyer turned up and ruined it (as always).

Anyway enough ranting! Pictures:

Finally a size comparison with a PS Western Pony