Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Glitz & Glamour Pageant Live

Can't believe I completely forgot to share the pictures with you!

Day 1 - Full album (public link)


Day 2 - Full album (public link)


And now some of my favourite pictures:

Overall reserve champion on Day 2 - CRS Hocus Pocus

Brandus painted by me

My showmanship set up...

Anyone for cards?

Mystic - my baby :p

My racing set up

Getting better....

*dies inside slightly* performance champion :D

Adam taking a champion

The 'lap dog'

Excuse me doctor your horse appears to have grown horns....

My little Dauntless

A stunning custom glazed china

These Equorum's are just gorgeous

Bridles are very difficult to put onto rams...Ronald does not seem impressed with this new set up

One of the best wedding presents I got

Clipped Models

I received a request from a non-hobbyist to do a portrait piece for their daughter. The body they supplied didn't quite fit the bill but that's what they wanted! The result is a clipped foal which is strangely appealing despite the lack of realism...

First up is the test piece (for those who aren't regular readers I do a test piece for all commissions to help ensure I get the colour perfect):

The above piece is for sale - please contact me for more information :)

And now for the main piece itself!

Distinctive scarring around the horses neck:

To give you an idea of the pattern:


Anyone for drunken orgies? No??? O well maybe Breyer didn't quite understand what the spiritual significance of their latest choice of deity was....or maybe they did....either way meet Dionysus who is rather gorgeous!