Saturday, 5 March 2016

Breyer Delivery Due Next Week - Who is Coming?

We have a huge delivery due next week and well...I thought I would share with you guys who is coming in stock, there are some exciting new arrivals coming in!

Some of these guys are up for pre-order at if you want to get your order in early :)

So here it is...

The rather long list of who will be back in stock (or new in stock) next week:

Winners Circle Accessory Set - Western
 Winners' Circle Accessory Set - Western

Turnout Set
 Turnout Set

This set is a personal favourite of mine. I just love the fact that it comes with a horse ball! I've promised the models I will buy them one, wonder whether the horse ball will provide a distraction for Crackers?

Liverpool Jump
 Liverpool Jump

This jump is a limited edition for this year only. It is a really great looking jump and perfect for performance set ups. Breyer jumps can also be repainted so you could get several and create your own unique course!

Cross Country Jump
 Cross Country Jump

Another limited edition jump. This one is for cross country.




Guess what I'll be trying to dig out first when the delivery comes in? I've already pre-ordered myself a set of these cuties, because who wouldn't want them???

Deluxe Stable Set
 Deluxe Stable Set

Cutting Horse and Calf
 Cutting Horse & Calf

English Riding Accessory Set
 English Riding Accessory Set (horse, saddle and bridle not included)


GG Valentine & Heartbreaker
 GG Valentine & Heartbreaker

Brookside Pink Magnum
 Brookside Pink Magnum

Dog House Play Set
 Dog House Play Set

SBH Pheonix
 SBH Phoenix

Sweet Pea
 Sweet Pea


Winners Circle Set - English
 Winners' Circle Accessory Set - English

Nylon Halters - Hot Colours
 Hot Colored Nylon Halters (horse not included)

Traditional "Dually" Truck
 Traditional Series

Traditional Two Horse Trailer
 Traditional Series Two-Horse Trailer

Brand new design for 2016 they are now a really cool white and blue colour. This truck and trailer set are really worth having, even if they do take up quite a lot of space!

Wood Stable
 Wood Stable (horses and accessories not included)

Blanket & Shipping Boots - Red
 Red Blanket & Shipping Boots(horse not included)

Blanket & Shipping Boots - Blue
 Blue Blanket & Shipping Boots (horse not included)

Blanket & Shipping Boots - Hot Pink
 Blanket and Shipping Boots - Hot Pink (horse not included)

Decorate Your Horse
 Decorate Your Horse

Another product that I am really excited about! I just adore the Breyer craft kits and this one looks like it is going to be so much fun!

Littlebits Beanies

Finally back in stock! We'll have another box of these naughty little blighters to torment us with their mischief.

Laura - Vet
 Veterinarian with Vet Kit 8

Brenda - Show Jumper
 Brenda - Show Jumper 8

Megan - Dressage Rider
 Megan -  Dressage Rider 8

Stablemate Singles
 Stablemates 8 Piece Set

Visiting Vet
 Visiting Vet

Chelsea - Show Jumper
 Chelsea Show Jumper

Abigail - English Rider
 Abigail, English Rider

Classic Tack & Blanket Sets
 Tack & Blanket 2 pc Assortment - English

Horse Cruiser
 Horse Cruiser

Another redesign for 2016 the pretty awesome Classic horse cruiser is now a really nice Teal colour. Great for transporting your Classics or to just sit on the pony room floor pushing around like a child (not that I do this of course *cough*)

Classic Singles
 Chestnut Morgan

All of them will be back in stock - chose this girl to represent the group :)

Ella - Colour Change
 Ella Color Change Surprise


IT'S SCRIBBLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Scribbles Color & Wash Pony

I literally cannot scream enough about this. SCRIBBLES IS COMING!!!!

Wood Corral
 Wood Corral (horses,barn, riders and accessories not included)

So there we go....what a long list! There are some really good products on there including some of the new Breyer 2016 releases. We'll keep you updated and let you know when these little cuties are with us :)

Patience my little potatoes....patience...