Tuesday, 13 December 2016

2017 Breyer!

Here they are!


Breyer Traditional (1:9) 1774 - Hwin

Van Gogh

Breyer Traditional (1:9) 1775 - Van Gogh

Paint Me a Pepto

Breyer Traditional (1:9) 1776 - Paint Me a Pepto

Fantasia Del C and Gozosa

Breyer Traditional (1:9) 1777 - Fantasia Del C and Gozosa


Breyer Large Traditional (1:6) 9197 - Espresso Springtime Filly

Heroes of the West Horse Family

Breyer Classic (1:12) 61098 - Heros of the West Horse family

Palomino Morgan and Foal

Breyer Classic (1:12) 62045 - Palomino Morgan and Foal

Chestnut Arab and Foal

Breyer Classic (1:12) 62046 - Chestnut Arabian and Foal

Grey Arab and Foal

Breyer Classic (1:12) 62047 - Grey Arabian and Foal

Starry Night

Breyer Classic (1:12) 62050 - Starry Night

There are also Bandera and the new Classics which we've already seen.

Licorice and Jellybean

You can all say "awwwww" together now :p

So glad I signed up to Vintage next year. A beautiful selection of horses.

Glossy Cosette

If you are a Collector's Club member and spend over $100 today you could get a free glossy cosette with your purchase:

It's unclear how many there are but it appears to be that there are around 500 (as it does say the first 500 purchases).

However, things like the grab bags don't qualify (which sucks). So I'm definitely passing. If the grab bags had qualified I would have bought number one (I know someone who wants the Sherman Morgan from it), but as not, I shall pass.