Thursday, 7 April 2016

My Girl

First of all thank you Breyer for having water proof packing boxes! My sister clearly failed to notice the parcel getting drenched on the drive way.

Thankfully inside box, COA and pony were all fine.

So my order of preference had been:


So I can't say I am disappointed with who I got :)

Meet CRS Sonique (aka My Girl)

I'm rather fond of her. She is now chilling on the shelf with Smokin' Doubledutch, they are my only two CWPs, think I may need more...there's a rather nice one for sale on Chestnut Ridge at the moment...

Meet Jay-Z

OK not the real one but a little Saddlebred that has joined my herd.

This little cutey was a gift from a good friend of mine, he is just so sweet. He is also now my only Artist China and is very proud of his unique position among all of the Animal Artistry on my shelf.

So say a big hello to CRS 99 Problems

Ironically one of my largest problems at the moment is Brandy (our female dog)...

Rose Studio's Saddlebred

Saw this on Facebook last night and just had to share with you guys.

He looks like he is going to be an absolutely beautiful sculpture.

It is also really nice to see the artistic process and see in progress sculptures.

This link may work:

But if not just check out the Rose Studios Facebook page:

Check out Kay's Critters

Sometimes I like to blog about artists I've seen and just fallen in love with and this is definitely one of them.

I am yet to add one of these little cuties to my herd, I had the money for one last week, bid on the auction and then Brandy got sick and money got diverted and I let myself get outbid.

But I'll be watching out for more auctions in the future and will definitely have to get my paws on one, they are just adorable!

Their Facebook page can be found here:

They regularly list auctions on eBay so make sure you also add them to your watched sellers list!

If you have one I'd love to see some pictures of it :D