Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Fletcher & Friends

I picked up this beautiful boy today, it's rare with an OF you have that moment where you open the packet and you just fall in love but I am in LOVE with this boy, he is GORGEOUS!

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I'm so glad I went for glossy he is absolutely stunning. Now to get my paws on the matte variation as well!

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I've named him Pocahontas (seriously yes I'm still on the list of disney movies, it never ends, it will never end, I am trapped)

Of course no model should travel alone (particularly when you want them to be double boxed) so he came with two wind dancer blind bags.

First up is CRS Operation Dumbo (Kohilo)

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And second is CRS King Arthur's Court (Aura)

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I now have three of these little guys and I think they are just adorable. At $2.99 each you can hardly say no :p

Single Day Stablemates

Gosh haven't been able to get these guys shared (stupid husband having a birthday and interrupting everything)

First up is Big Lex


I like how blue and shiny she is :D

And secondly is Ruffian


Absolutely gorgeous! Look how shiny and glossy she is!!! I need one of her!