Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Model of the Day - Paddy

Our model of the day today is Paddy, a cute little Irish Cob

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Stable Name: Paddy
Show Name: CRS Irish Shockwave
Breed: Cob
Colour: Grey Pinto
Gender: Gelding
Scale: Stablemate
Original Manufacturer: Breyer
Artist: Dorn Carran
Mould: G3 Warmblood Jumper
Year Painted: 2014
Face Markings: White Stripe
Leg Markings: 4x White Legs
Year Purchased: 2014
Sire: None
Dam: None
Unique ID Code: 623
Highest Live Show Placing: Section Reserve to Reserve Champion

10 Model Horse Suggestions for Lent

I was meant to do this yesterday, but you get the idea :p

So what are you giving up for lent? 40 days is a loooooong time. But I'm sure you can do it! If you are a bit stuck, here are some model horse related lent goals for you to try.

Of course if you try and succeed, let me know! GO YOU!

1. Give up buying model horses?!?!??!

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Wait what?

I actually did this a few years ago. The key is to make sure you do this in an achievable way (watch out for those subscriptions :p).

Also be careful of what else you might spend your money on. I bought £200 worth of pony pouches in a week...

2. Save for that grail

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If you are giving something up then put that money towards something good, like a grail! Get a special pot (or a savings account) and put the money you would have spent on say, red wine or chocolate, each week into the pot. See how much you have at the end of the month and put it towards your grail :D

3. Stop procrastinating!

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Write a list of all the jobs you've been putting off. And then do a little bit each day, it may be a job a day, or maybe one a week. But make your goal this lent to finish off as much as possible. You'll thank yourself for it!

4. No more cat videos!

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That's just an example.

How about making your lent goal to give up wasting time online? This kinda links to number 3, but it is a great idea. Limit your social media use and work on making sure that when you are online, you are doing something productive.

5. Don't just buy the same old thing

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Remember at the beginning of the year I told you guys to try something new? Well here is your chance!

Spend your pony money this month on something completely different. If you always buy Breyers why not try something else? Buy a resin, or a RubberNed or a Schleich! You never know, you may discover something you never thought you liked.

6. No more new projects

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For this lent you are banned from starting anything new until all your old projects are finished. Open up that body box, get out those UFOs and get finishing! You'll feel all the better for it and by the end of the month you'll have plenty of space and energy to start something new :D

7. No more comfort zone

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Been too scared to go to a live show? Always enter the same photoshows online? Don't want to try that postal racing series because it seems too complicated?


Go on do it! Try something new, you never know, you might enjoy yourself :D

8. No more live show snacking

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Yea I know the whole purpose of attending a live show is eat more food than you possibly can isn't it?

Well of course.

But for the next 40 days you are banned. You are allowed lunch and a maximum of one cake only.

And that was directed at myself mainly...

9. No more unopened boxes

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I know you have them, piled up there in the corner of a room. All those piles and piles of stuff. They are there. I know they are.

Open them. Organise them. Sort them and catalogue them. Stop ignoring the poor little ponies! And if you don't, sell them! And put the money towards something you actually want!

10. No more fighting online

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Yes NANs been cancelled. Yes someone on eBay is selling a horse with a missing leg as LSQ. Yes you ordered something yesterday and it hasn't turned up. BUT BREATH.

Arguing with strangers online (or even people you know) isn't exactly conducive to your own mental stability or anyone elses.

Yes people are idiots.

Yes it is stupid.

Yes everything sucks.

But for the next 40 days take a deep breath and stay away from that keyboard. If you feel like ranting, go ahead and rant away, just don't press post. If you see something stupid, that's cool, ignore it and move on. Bitching and fighting never helped anyone. You'll be amazed how much better you feel.

Q&A Answers! Featuring Caesar

Win a Breyer Stablemate

Want to win your very own Breyer Stablemate model horse?

To win a brand new Breyer Stablemate all you have to do is caption this photograph.

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Comment your caption in the comments section of this Blog Post.

Entry Deadline: March 31st 2017

Competition will also be ran on Facebook, MHL, Instagram, Blog and Website.


1. One entry per person
2. Caption will be chosen from all those entered before the 31st of March
3. Competition is open to all
4. International buyers are responsible for postage
5. Stablemate model horse chosen at random
6. For full terms and conditions please email

Breyer Photoshow

This month is Breyer month at Chestnut Ridge and we are running a special Breyer photoshow.

This show is open to all original finish Breyer model horses, anyone can enter and it's really simple to do so.

All you have to do is take a picture of your Breyer model horse and then send it in. Full details on how to enter are on the website here:

There are three sections split by age group. The winner in each section will get a goody bag and a rosette.

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