Thursday, 5 November 2015

New Member of the Yard

I'd like you all to meet CRS The Sea The Sea, or Cravas to his friends (he is making them quickly, he has bonded greatly with Seigfried one of my Mules who happens to be on the shelf next to him).

I picked him for a bargain price and so happy with him, I really wanted the chalky variation of the model and am so glad I now own one!

He is just adorable.

So without further ado, meet Cravas.

Eve & Claus

Check out the new Breyer Web Specials:

 Eve and Claus

 Eve and Claus

 Eve and Claus

 Eve and Claus

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Top 10 Breyers We All Want Under our Tree This Christmas

It's November, which means it's my birthday soon. But for those of you who aren't cursed with a December birthday it also means Christmas.

And for the model horse collector we have the eternally difficult choice of which models do we ask for, do we ask for specific ones or just provide a wish list? WHAT DO WE DO?!?!?!?

But here are my Top 10 picks that I think many of us will want to be under our tree, and I know I definitely want under mine *relevant hint to family inserted here* (I wonder if they read my blog)?

10. Black Caviar & Foal Set

There is nothing like owning a bit of racing history and this cute classic set is just lovely. Also how can you not love the Warmblood foal?

Black Caviar & Foal Set

Order here:

9. Classic Barrel Racing Set

Please excuse me whilst I put my awesome pink barrels into my performance scene with my very cool leopard appaloosa (now done up in a beautiful pink barrel racing set with appropriate pink and diamonte encrusted rider)

Barrel Racing

Order here:

8. Butterfly Kisses

It has butterflies. It has butterflies. It has butterflies. Do I need to say any more?

Butterfly Kisses

Order here:

7. Best of British Irish Draught

It's ginger (not a mare) and lovely and chunky and just actually a nice model. Nothing OTT or silly. Just nice. And I want it.

Best of British - Irish Draught

Order here:

6. Ichabod

IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. Enough said.


Order here:

5. Peppermint Kiss

Christmas isn't Christmas without the Breyer Christmas horse. This year it has sweeties on its costume. That just makes it even more awesome.

Peppermint Kiss Christmas Horse 2015

Order here:

4. Grulla, black or bay roan AQHA

"O I hope you like the colour, it's black, they didn't have that one in the picture so thought you might be disappointed" family member says as you are running around the room literally screaming.

AQHA 75th Anniversary Edition

Unfortunately we only have the palomino, chestnut and bay versions, but they are still nice:

3. Banks Vanilla

Aaaaa a release of a Premier Club model as a regular rub? *makes grabby hands*. I must admit to being a Croi fan and my girl actually has had a bit of a winning streak. So why not add another one?

Banks Vanilla

Order here:

2. Carltonlima Emma

Your either a Moody fan or your not. But even if your not, look a cute fluffy pony (and a NEW SCULPTURE)

Carltonlima Emma

Order here:

1. Valegro

Let's face it, he's the model we all want. He's a dressage superstar, he's performance friendly, he's a new Eberl sculpt. He's unfortunately sold out for December 2015 delivery (a girl can dream).


You can order for February 2016 delivery here:

The Perfect Horsey Gifts this Christmas

Did you know that Chestnut Ridge stocks a huge range of horsey gifts?

We have gifts suitable for all ages and they are just perfect for Christmas. We don't just stock model horses!

You can find all our horsey gifts here:,b.html

But here are some of my personal favourites:

3D Wooden Horse Puzzle - £3.75

This puzzle is bound to keep everyone occupied on Christmas day, it isn't easy! A great budget present that is a perfect stocking filler.

3D Wooden Horse Puzzle

Buy here:

Cowboy Hat - £5.40

Perfect for fancy dress or for just messing around. Made from suede these hats are good quality and come in a variety of colours. They are great for the office fancy dress Christmas party.

Cowboy Hat

Buy here:

White Rocking Horse - £3.20

I love dolls houses, one of the things I love most about my model horses is my 1:12 scale stable yard and I would just love to have my own dolls house (I always adored my mothers one). No dolls house is complete without a rocking horse and these cute little white wooden ones are just perfect.

White Rocking Horse

Buy here:

Chocolate Lollipop - £3.20

I will admit to having been accused of eating the stock. I can also testify to having many testimonials as to the yumminess of these lollipops. Made from white and milk chocolate they are just yummy. Why not just buy one for yourself?

Chocolate Lollipop

Buy here:

Horse Crazy Watercolour Painting - £4.95

This awesome book is produced by Breyer. The watercolour paints will keep young children amused but even the older generation will love using this as artistic inspiration. The strong lines mean that the drawings can easily be traced to provide extra colouring materials.

Horse Crazy Watercolour Painting

Buy here:

Horse Padblock - £8.00

If you don't already have a Padblock by your telephone then you really need to get one. They look really cool and seem to last forever, the pen holding spot is also ideal (although I have found my pen seems to disappear on quite a regular basis).

Horse Padblock

Buy here:

Cuddly Horse - £8.50

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for anything cuddly and Plush Heunec always seem to deliver. My husband is also a massive fan of these and has been caught on multiple occasions attempting to steal them from the stock room, or 'rescue' as he likes to put it.

Cuddly Horse

Buy here:

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at some of the awesome horsey gifts we stock. They make great stocking fillers and are perfect for all ages.